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The cast of ‘Lost’: Where are they now?

It’s just another article about the cast of Lost, but we love they keep writing about the show and its cast members. For sure Elizabeth is among the few ones with the best career after the show.

Oh by the way she actually have four movies coming up (hopefully all of them very soon).

https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/55/2019/08/juliet.jpgThe cast of ‘Lost’, 15 years on: Where are they now?[August 2019]

Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Juliet Burke

Lauded for her work on Lost as Juliet, Mitchell has since starred in the likes of V, Revolution and The Expanse. She’s also set to appear in a trio of movies over the next year — all of which are currently all in post-production.


The movies we are waiting for are:

  • The Christmas Club is airing November 26 on Hallmark.
  • What We Found is completed (not in post-production anymore) and they’re waiting for film festivals to sell it (it needs a distributor).
  • Welcome To Pine Grove / Never Too Late which seems to be still in post-production.
  • Witch Hunt which is in post-production.

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IMDB StarMeter: Elizabeth is 41

We’ve just noticed that Elizabeth is 41 on IMDB StarMeter. It’s pretty cool, huh? Considering that her last appearance on tv was on June 2018.

Her latest movies are still in post-production (Welcome To Pine Grove! and What We Found) and there’s no info about when they are going to release them.

We really need to see her back on tv weekly, but it’s really hard to find something good on tv right now, so it must be hard for Liz to find a good role to play as well.

We are basically rewatching old shows (like Defiance and Dexter) because we cannot find anything decent to watch beside Legacies and The Enemy Within (Jennifer Carpenter is phenomenal in that role, but we cannot stop thinking how wonderful Elizabeth would be as Erica Shepherd, such an amazing role, flawed, smart, messy, badass woman).

Please write something good for Elizabeth, we miss her terribly!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Never Too Late - Projects - What We Found

The Buried Girl: Curiosity

elizabeth mitchell the buried girlThis is just a curiosity about The Buried Girl: last April they filmed more scenes in Baltimore (which is where the movie is set, while they filmed the entire movie in the Poughkeepsie area during August 2017). They wrote new words for various characters including something for our Captain Hilman, so Liz had something new to shoot and that’s why the post-production took so long.

The movie will probably have a new title, at least they were thinking about that lately. We need to wait and see! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - What We Found

Info About “The Buried Girl”

elizabeth mitchell the buried girlUPDATE: We’ve just found out that ADR was completed and they finished the sound mix just a couple of weeks ago. We also know that they should have submitted this for the Sundance Film Festival last week. *Fingers crossed*


We found these two further descriptions of the plot of the movie Elizabeth filmed last summer:

– High school friends try to solve their friend’s disappearance

– When a high school girl goes missing, some of her friends attempt to solve her disappearance.

We put together some info about her character and this is was what we got:

Elizabeth plays Captain Hilman, involved in the disappearance investigation of Cassie, a well-liked senior girl of tough public high school in Baltimore County, attended also by her daughter, Emily (who should be a friend of Cassie).

From an interview with the actor who plays Art, Holly’s father (one of the two main characters of the movie), we know that Captain Hilman doesn’t like the man very much, probably because “he is not the best father and husband”.


For more info about the movies, check our info page at this link.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - What We Found