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2012 WB Mondo International Press Tour | Video Interview

This is an interview about Revolution Elizabeth did on December 2012 before the show’s 6 weeks hiatus, just after they filmed episode 1×13.

24 is one of my favourite tv shows and I watched it the same way Liz did, one episode after the others… HAHA! I couldn’t stop! And yes, David Lyons is insanely beautiful!


Thanks so much ashok0 & GodsGirl1989 for the video!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Interview - Projects - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Video

Revolution Conference Call – Full Transcription

Hi all, we have the full transcription of the interview with Elizabeth and Eric Kripke they did via conference call some days ago. It contains HUGE SPOILERS.

Q) What is about genre shows that appeals?

Elizabeth: I have to say I’m a huge fan of adventures. I love to read them, I love to watch them. They go on in my head. So I think anything kind of epic and adventure wise is always a huge draw for me. It’s what I like to watch and to get to actually do it, to be in something that’s Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or any of those things it’s just what my passion is, kind of where I go to escape. So that’s what draws me to it.

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Conference Call with Elizabeth and Eric Kripke about Revolution

UPDATE: Articles added:  three if by space ||  Examiner ||   Zap2it || A TV Geek
Hello everyone, there was a conference call this morning with Elizabeth and Eric Kripke. We  make the transcription of this interview thanks to the tweets posted by @scifivision@atvgeek82@TVTango. Enjoy!

 About what’s coming up for Rachel

“Rachel has a lot more to do in the second half of the season which is really fun”.

Elizabeth will get to do some action scenes this half of season and says: “My father will be thrilled. I get to do some more action-type stuff”. Her father’s favourite is Linda Hamilton.

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1x11 - 1x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Reviews - Revolution - Spoilers

REVOLUTION Spoilers about Rachel – Interview with Eric Kripke

Some spoilers about Rachel in the second half of the season from an interview with the creator Eric Kripke:

[…]There’s also a lot of important pieces in last night’s episode that move the story forward. We’re setting up how pissed Monroe is going to be in the second half of the season; how personal Neville is going to take Miles’ assault on his wife. And [we hinted that] Rachel and Miles have a very secret history.

I gotta ask, since I’m seeing this comment on the boards: How could Rachel forget to grab the pendant on the way out of the room?
Kripke: We shot a scene where Rachel goes, “We have to go back and get the pendant,” and Miles says, “We can’t go back, they’re shooting machine guns at us!” We ended up cutting it for time because we thought, maybe wrongly, that when there’s a room full of five people shooting machine guns in your direction that you can’t run toward those machine guns.

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[Video] Interview with Elizabeth – 3 Episodes left before the break

So finally Elizabeth had some scenes on Revolution 🙂 And gosh, wasn’t she awesome?! She can make everything better. Her performance was just impeccable. What a waste not having at least this amount of scenes with her every week.
Here are some Elizabeth’s thoughts about her character:

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


They included her scenes and an interview with her in “Revolution revealed” this week. We uploaded just the part regarding her.

What’s your favorite scenes from the episode? What do you think of Rachel? Do you still think she is on the right side? I think she is in an horrible position and has no choice, it’s about her son’s life. Every mother would do anything to protect her own children.

Again no trailer with Liz this week and not a single photo on the official site. I was really in the hope to see something there for this episode. Whatever!

Oh they will air just 3 more episodes before the 4-months break and the series will be back on March 25.

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Interview with Eric Kripke + REVOLUTION Review & Recap

TV Guide Review

[…] Several episodes in, and I’m still not really feeling the Revolution characters. (I started to feel a connection with Maggie right before they killed her off!) The one notable exception is the Elizabeth Mitchell character, who really seems at her absolute best in this kind of enigmatic role. […]

As I noted in an earlier discussion, Revolution seems to be at its most interesting when revealing the back stories of what brought characters like Elizabeth Mitchell’s Rachel to their current state of crisis. When it’s more about Charlie saving the day (or being saved) while jabbering on as a shrill moral compass for Uncle Ninja Miles, I am much less engaged.

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1x05 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Revolution Reviews

Interviews with Eric Kripke about Rachel

All these interviews with the creator Eric Kripke contain SPOILERS.  We’re posting just the parts regarding Elizabeth/Rachel.

What’s The Deal With Rachel? Elizabeth Mitchell fans who have been complaining about “not enough Rachel” can rest assured that we’ll see much, much more of the actress going forward. “We’re so smitten with what Elizabeth is doing with the character, and we’re just writing more and more for her,” Kripke says excitedly. While he was hesitant to reveal too much about one of the show’s more mysterious players, he did confirm that “Rachel is obviously holding onto certain secrets of why the power went out, and Monday’s episode will reveal more about what she knows.” And as suspected, “everything changes when Danny arrives in Philadelphia. General Monroe has Rachel where he wants her, so he’s able to twist her arm and force her to reveal things…but of course, she’s smart and heroic and desperately searching for a way out.”
Full Article: atvgeek

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1x05 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Kripke about Rachel’s original story -1×05 Plot – Vote for Revolution

The Cubs “losing” the World Series wasn’t the only tweak made to the Revolution pilot. While the plan was always for Charlie’s mom Rachel to be alive, the way that twist played out in the original pilot, with Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth in the role, was a bit different. For one, Rachel’s status among the living was revealed at the end of the first episode. Secondly, it originally took place in General Monroe’s tent, when she stepped out from behind one of the privacy screens (see screen grab).

1x01 - 1x05 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers