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Never seen candids and photo on Revolution set

Hello everyone, we found these never seen pictures of Liz from 2013. 🙂 She’s so lovely!!! <3

1. 2.  3.

  1. Seattle Airport – September 4, 2013 || “I got a picture with Elizabeth Mitchell from Revolution today at the SeaTac airport. We were on the same flight to Austin Texas. That was cool. She was so nice.” (Source)
  2. Austin – August 17, 2013 || “So Elizabeth Mitchell (star of “Lost” and “Revolution”)’s son was at a camp I was counseling. Of course I took the opportunity to get a picture.” (Source)
  3. Revolution set – 2013 || (Source)

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Season 2 Poster – Missing HQ Stills and BTS & Set Photos

Hey everyone, we got some missing HQ Stills, BTS and Set Photos from the show and Season 2 poster with a never seen picture of Liz (even if I think it’s from season 1). The poster is from Comic Con. Just in case you might be confused to see her on front of it (since they usually ignore her existence) nope, Elizabeth is NOT going to attend the event.

1. photos elizabeth_mitchell_r_season_2_poster.jpg 2. photos Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_set_young_danny_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_set_young_danny_28229.jpg 3. Elizabeth_Mitchell_revolution_1x02_set.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_set.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_set_4.jpg

  1. Season 2 Poster (replaced with a better version)
  2. 1×11 set (never aired scene)
  3. 1×02 set (Thanks Matthew for sending them to us)

Missing HQ Stills and BTS from various episode:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x08_BTS_photo_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x10_Behind_the_scenes_photo_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x10_Behind_the_scenes_photo_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x18_still_4.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x18_bts_2.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_BTS_2.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_BTS_1.jpg

This is a bad review of the finale, but they think Liz is good and deserves much better. I like the fact that even if they don’t like stuff she’s doing, they always think Elizabeth is great. Well that’s not arguable, it’s a fact!

So there’s your cliffhanger…

Oh, and Miles helped his BFF and sworn enemy Monroe (David Lyons) escape from the clutches of a now power-mad Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), Tom’s son (JD Pardo) couldn’t figure out which way to turn, Rachel took out pretty much every single one of the guardians of the tower except Grace (Maria Howell).

Really, does any of it matter? Like most of the episodes in the second half of this season, the “Revolution” finale — titled “The Dark Tower” — was a chaotic action mess supported by laughable writing and generally bad acting.

(We love you Elizabeth Mitchell, and you need to get off this show.)

Source: Zap2it

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Revolution 1×20 Promo & Pic – 1×19 Stills, BTS Photos and Interview

UPDATE 2: Ratings for the episode: 1×18 Viewers: 6.48 million, A18-49: 1.9  (leader)  – Past episodes’ ratings

  • 1×19 Podcast | In the first clip they just talk about Rachel and in the second one there is an interview with Elizabeth.
  • 1×20 Promo
  • 1×19 Behind The Scenes Photos
  • 1×19 Stills & Official Caps
  • Revolution Revealed 1×18 | UPDATE: We added 1×19 podcast and the part regarding Rachel from 1×18 podcast at the end of the post.

1×19 Podcast

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

1×20 Promo

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

1×19 Behind The Scenes Photos

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson  Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

She’s the cutest person ever. I can’t with these pictures! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. <3

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Please don’t make me watch a character played by Elizabeth Mitchell die again (Review)

This is very nice review about Elizabeth. After LOST I really can’t watch another Elizabeth’s character die, I still have to get over Juliet’s death and I think I never will.

Please don’t make me watch a character played by Elizabeth Mitchell die again.
It happened in heartbreaking fashion on Lost. And now it could happen on Revolution, which airs Mondays on NBC and City. It’s true that apocalyptic stories always start better than they end. Literally, right?
But the fact that there are only two episodes left in the debut season, and I still care what happens to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, speaks well for Revolution, I believe.
Anyway, this brings us back to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Rachel Matheson (Charlie’s mom).
If you watched the most recent episode, you know that Rachel has had it with Monroe, to the point that she’s willing to give up her own life to kill him.
Do I have to go through this again? I’m still along for the ride, as long as Revolution doesn’t get Lost.

Source: Toronto Sun

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Revolution 1×19 Promo & Stills – 1×18 Photos

Hey guys they used a tiny scene with Elizabeth for Revoluion 1×19 promo. There’s no interview with her in the podcast even if they used her photo in the banner of the site. That’s the first time! WOW! YAY!

1×19 Promo

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


1×18 HQ Behind The Scenes Photos & Stills

About 1×18… well not enough sceen time but Liz always gets me. That scene with Aaron was so touching: “How else are you gonna get inside? There is no other choice. I have to do this, you have to let me do this. For Danny. For Ben.” How many times this woman has to sacrifice herself for her family?
The last scene with Bass was terrific! Liz’s “you can’t read my emotions and I’m not even scared to die” face is priceless! I don’t know how she can pull that off, but she certainly knows how to sell a scene. These two parts were the best things of the episode. Imagine what she could do if this show was just about her! AWWW! Well I hope we get more scenes with Liz in these last 2 episodes of the season. She rules the series!


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