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2012 Never Seen Set Photo of Liz

Hello! I’ve just found a pic of Liz from September 2012 working on episode 1×07. The person who posted it also wrote these nice words about Elizabeth:

liz elizabeth mitchell9/23/2012

Worked on NBC’s Revolution recently and here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.
I was a huge fan of the show Lost so it was really cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (you can see her in the background of the picture below).
She was very friendly and it was a cool experience.

Source: invisibleproductions

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Season 2 Poster – Missing HQ Stills and BTS & Set Photos

Hey everyone, we got some missing HQ Stills, BTS and Set Photos from the show and Season 2 poster with a never seen picture of Liz (even if I think it’s from season 1). The poster is from Comic Con. Just in case you might be confused to see her on front of it (since they usually ignore her existence) nope, Elizabeth is NOT going to attend the event.

1. photos elizabeth_mitchell_r_season_2_poster.jpg 2. photos Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_set_young_danny_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_set_young_danny_28229.jpg 3. Elizabeth_Mitchell_revolution_1x02_set.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_set.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_set_4.jpg

  1. Season 2 Poster (replaced with a better version)
  2. 1×11 set (never aired scene)
  3. 1×02 set (Thanks Matthew for sending them to us)

Missing HQ Stills and BTS from various episode:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x08_BTS_photo_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x10_Behind_the_scenes_photo_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x10_Behind_the_scenes_photo_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x18_still_4.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x18_bts_2.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_BTS_2.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x19_BTS_1.jpg

This is a bad review of the finale, but they think Liz is good and deserves much better. I like the fact that even if they don’t like stuff she’s doing, they always think Elizabeth is great. Well that’s not arguable, it’s a fact!

So there’s your cliffhanger…

Oh, and Miles helped his BFF and sworn enemy Monroe (David Lyons) escape from the clutches of a now power-mad Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), Tom’s son (JD Pardo) couldn’t figure out which way to turn, Rachel took out pretty much every single one of the guardians of the tower except Grace (Maria Howell).

Really, does any of it matter? Like most of the episodes in the second half of this season, the “Revolution” finale — titled “The Dark Tower” — was a chaotic action mess supported by laughable writing and generally bad acting.

(We love you Elizabeth Mitchell, and you need to get off this show.)

Source: Zap2it

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Revolution 1×08 BTS Photos – 1×07 Reviews

UPDATE: Just replaced them with untagged photos. 🙂

These are 2 adorable BTS photos from Revolution 1×08 “Ties That Bind”:

Elizabeth Mitchell on Revolution set Elizabeth Mitchell on REVOLUTION set


[NEW]  4,5/5 stars

VERDICT Plenty of plot bombs dropping this episode and some welcome screen time for Elizabeth Mitchell as Charlie and Danny’s mother, Rachel.

“What if they turn it into a weapon?” asks Rachel. After two series of V, Elizabeth Mitchell has burned a lot of television screen time as a character forced to use deceit to survive, and she’s great as Rachel, until now merely popping up at the end of an episode to reveal a twist or just look sad. Here her moral conflicts are played out both in present day and in flashback as Flynn offers a solution to painful pregnancy complications, for high price, which in turn provides insight into her current predicament as hostage to quasi-Nazi Sebastian “Bass” Monroe. It’s a credit to Mitchell that she manages to add variation to Rachel, and play to the strengths of a character who’s constantly manipulated.

Source: SFX

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[Video] Interview with Elizabeth – 3 Episodes left before the break

So finally Elizabeth had some scenes on Revolution 🙂 And gosh, wasn’t she awesome?! She can make everything better. Her performance was just impeccable. What a waste not having at least this amount of scenes with her every week.
Here are some Elizabeth’s thoughts about her character:

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


They included her scenes and an interview with her in “Revolution revealed” this week. We uploaded just the part regarding her.

What’s your favorite scenes from the episode? What do you think of Rachel? Do you still think she is on the right side? I think she is in an horrible position and has no choice, it’s about her son’s life. Every mother would do anything to protect her own children.

Again no trailer with Liz this week and not a single photo on the official site. I was really in the hope to see something there for this episode. Whatever!

Oh they will air just 3 more episodes before the 4-months break and the series will be back on March 25.

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1x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video

Don’t miss Elizabeth on tv tonight

There’s a new episode tonight, and considering the press release, the promo and the sneak peek, Elizabeth should be in it for more than 30 secs (LOL), so don’t miss her on tv tonight.

This is a small article about the episode:

We know Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) has some tricks up her sleeve and we’re betting that, after her emotional reunion with son Danny (Graham Rogers) last week, she’ll be willing to put all her cards on the table to save her family

Source: InStyle

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