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Kripke about Rachel’s original story -1×05 Plot – Vote for Revolution

The Cubs “losing” the World Series wasn’t the only tweak made to the Revolution pilot. While the plan was always for Charlie’s mom Rachel to be alive, the way that twist played out in the original pilot, with Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth in the role, was a bit different. For one, Rachel’s status among the living was revealed at the end of the first episode. Secondly, it originally took place in General Monroe’s tent, when she stepped out from behind one of the privacy screens (see screen grab).

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Elizabeth in Winnipeg [Photo] + Artworks on REVOLUTION and Liz

This photo was taken in Winnipeg when Elizabeth was shooting Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I don’t know what the event is but there is also a photo of Rob Lowe, so maybe it’s some party regarding the movie.
elizabeth mitchell prosecutin casey anthony

I also added some artworks on REVOLUTION and Elizabeth into the gallery.

Facebook Covers

elizabeth mitchell revolution elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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REVOLUTION 1×02 Promo – Tim Guinee about Elizabeth and more

UPDATE (Sept 22): Promo updated with a better quality version.

This is the promo for REVOLUTION 1×02 Chained Heat.

elizabeth mitchell


In the last promo posted there is also another new scene with her, if you missed it’s here.

http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/402698_10151032513376954_1242280860_n.jpgTim Guinee wrote this on his twitter:

Tim: Elizabeth Mitchell is a complete dream to work with.
Fan: I loved her on Lost. One of my fave characters. She seems so sweet.
Tim: She is!

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Very cool REVOLUTION Promo 5 with Elizabeth

UPDATE(Sept 14): Nothing to do with this promo, but Tim Guinee has just tweetted this:

“Just wrapped for the night. Elizabeth Mitchell is just plain wonderful to work with”

I just love when people say these things. 😛

This is a new Revolution promo. There are scenes from 1×02. Very spoilering, but cool.

REVOLUTION Promo - Elizabeth Mitchell


Thank you CarryOnMyWaywardSon for the video! 🙂

1x01 - 1x02 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video

REVOLUTION HQ Poster and Clips with Elizabeth

These are the scenes with the Elizabeth in the pilot (the 3rd one is just the photo Charlie has).

Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution 1x01 Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution 1x01 Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution 1x01

I don’t know if you all watched the episode, but they mention Rachel a couple of times. From what I read there are no difference with the scenes filmed with Andrea Roth, so I guess (hope) there will be more of Liz in the future. You can watch the full pilot on NBC or Hulu, but be sure to watch it on tv on September 17. If you already whatched it, what do you think of the first episode?

This is the hq version of the poster:

Revolution is the winner of  TV.Com poll.

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