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Elizabeth at the hotel in Winnipeg – Photo

Hi guys, I’ve just found another photo of Liz in Winnipeg and a report from the person who met her at the hotel where she is staying.

After i got the Bellamy Brothers i went down to a local hotel in winnipeg to try and get Elizabeth Mitchell.I have been trying to track her down for 2 weeks no with no luck until tonight.I finally found out where she was staying after she switched hotels.Elizabeth Mitchell is the last person i needed from the movie they are shooting here in Winnipeg the Casey Anthony story Imperfect Justice.Wierd how it works have been trying to get her for a while now and i show up at the hotel and she arrived 30 minutes after i arrived.Finally some luck.She was super nice and chatted with me for a few minutes.She said her and her husband and her son really enjoyed the city of winnipeg.She was super cool.I got 5 8x10s signed from her.She would have signed 20 if i had.Finally finished with getting autographs from people in the movie.

Source: Autographboywinnipeg

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Another tweet about Elizabeth shooting in Winnipeg

UPDATE June 19: Another mention:

Funniest thing on set today…after I am doused with 5lbs of hairspray Elizabeth Mitchell walks by “It smells like whisky” ?#imperfectjustice.



http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/255428_10150858267656954_1319861031_n.jpgElizabeth is still in Winnipeg shooting “Prosecuting Casey Anthony” and someone sent us this message:

“Elizabeth Mitchell amazing to watch live in action today on the set of Imperfect Justice”

We asked them for pix but:

“unfortunately not, no cameras allowed on set!”


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Elizabeth Mitchell - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

New actress to play the role of Casey Anothony

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Holly DeVeaux has been replaced by Virginia Welch for the role of Casey Anthony.

The page dedicated to the movie’s been updated.

Casey Anthony’s getting a new look.

A week into the filming of the Lifetime movie Imperfect Justice, the role of the woman acquitted last year of murdering her 2-year-old daughter has been recast.

Canadian actress Holly DeVeaux has dropped out of the project, replaced by Virginia Welch, an actress who has starred in several independent films and commercials.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Rob Lowe and David Richmond-Peck about Elizabeth Mitchell

UPDATE (JUNE 1): David Richmond-Peck: Working with Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell on Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Amazingly talented actors.


Rob Lowe posted this message on twitter about Elizabeth: First day shooting Imperfect Justice. Reunited with 2 of my favorite actors: Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Dunn. Looking forward to Oscar Nunez.

What a lovely message! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL – Photos and Experience

UPDATE 11: This is the part where Liz talks about the site. OMG! I’m still in shock!

Thanks Elizabeth for what you said about us! <3

elizabeth mitchell

Elizabeth about EMFC

Thank you Olivia Thompson for the transcription of the audio regarding what Elizabeth said about our site. And Thank you so much Jo for what you said about us.

Jo: So you’re not on twitter and you’re not on Facebook.
Liz: I’m not. Someone posing as me is on Facebook. And it’s ????
Jo: There is a lovely(?) Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club on there.
Liz: Which is so nice! That’s where I go to get clips and stuff!
Jo: For yourself?
Liz: Yeah! If I need clips like to send to somebody or something yeah, I go to my fan site!
Jo: These fans are the best!
Liz: I know! My… my… I called my manager, because he needed something funny and he went like way back in time and he was like “WOOOW”.
It’s like, it’s like an encyclopedia!
Jo: It is.
Liz: It’s gorgeous!
Jo: It’s an online archive of everything you’ve ever done!
Liz: Awww It’s so ????
Jo: Candids photos of eating ice-cream on Bainbridge Island. I mean, you know, it’s got everything!
Liz: Yeah. Well every time I have a really hard time I go on there coz’ there’s nothing negative!
Jo: Nothing.
Liz: It’s deleted real fast.  Sorry.
Jo: ??? instead of any negative.
Liz: No, I know, it’s great. There’ll be like “post deleted” and I’m like “ohhh nooo”
Jo: Whatever you said.

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NEW ROLE: Elizabeth Mitchell joins Lifetime’s Casey Anthony movie

UPDATE (May 27): David Richmond-Peck  (Georgie from V) joined the cast as prosecutor Frank George. He also told me that he starts  working with Elizabeth on Monday. So the production of the movie starts on May 28.

UPDATE (May 24): I’ve just created a page related to the movie: PROSECUTING CASEY ANTHONY

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Lifetime’s movie about the Casey Anthony trial has added a couple of familiar names to its cast — along with one lesser-known actress playing Anthony herself.

Canadian actress Holly Deveaux will play Anthony in “Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” the Orlando Sentinel reports. The movie is based on Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s book “Imperfect Justice” and will star Rob Lowe as Ashton.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Prosecuting Casey Anthony