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Elizabeth in Winnipeg [Photo] + Artworks on REVOLUTION and Liz

This photo was taken in Winnipeg when Elizabeth was shooting Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I don’t know what the event is but there is also a photo of Rob Lowe, so maybe it’s some party regarding the movie.
elizabeth mitchell prosecutin casey anthony

I also added some artworks on REVOLUTION and Elizabeth into the gallery.

Facebook Covers

elizabeth mitchell revolution elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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Prosecuting Casey Anthony’s release date – Frequency Premiere’s Video

Prosecuting Casey Anthony


Hey guys, I was doing some research to know more about the release date (or any other info) of “Prosecuting Casey Anthony”. Unfortunately the only thing I found out is that it set to air sometime in January 2013. There is no further details anywhere for now.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Frequency Premiere

Frequency Premiere


I found this video from FREQUENCY premiere and I spotted Elizabeth in it. It’s all blurry, but I thought you’d like it anyway. 🙂



Elizabeth Mitchell - Frequency - Prosecuting Casey Anthony - Video

Angelina Jolie about the kiss in GIA and other co-stars about Liz

I found the video where Angelina Jolie talks about her favourite onscreen kiss. It’s from 2004.

elizabeth mitchell agelina jolie


I’ve also updated the page about what some Elizabeth’s co-stars say about her. Mentions by Rob Lowe, Miranda Bailey, Aisha Tyler, Bob Merrick and Tim Guinee. You can read them here. And one by David Richmond-Peck added in the V page.

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Another photo from Prosecuting Casey Anthony set

UPDATE(June 26): I had a little chat on twitter with Dionne and I think this message is worth to post:

I just couldn’t get over how charming she was! Such a genuine soul. 🙂


Hey guys, look what I’ve found: another lovely photo from Imperfect Justice set with Elizabeth and one of the lawyers (Dionne Noelle).

Dionne also wrote this about Liz: “She is so sweet.”

Source: Dionne Noelle

Oh and on imdb there’s now a page for Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Elizabeth on Imperfect Justice’s set – Photo

Hi all, what a beautiful awakening this morning, just saw the photo Cookie Boss tweeted us.

He also said lovely things about Elizabeth:

@LizMitchellFC #ImperfectJustice now a wrap! Elizabeth amazing to watch in action, Hollywood’s most underated actress!

@LizMitchellFC from interactions on #ImperfectJustice have to say Elizabeth such an incredible person, so kind to everyone #NoHollywoodEgo

Oh yeah, she’s incredible person indeed! <3

Imperfect Justice filming wrapped up yesterday. Can’t wait to see it!

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