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Loving – Episode 8 – Clips With Liz

There’s only 2 clips with Liz in this episode, but you don’t wanna miss them!

The sketch fake Jeremy is so upset about was actually drawn by the real Jeremy, so that someone could find out the truth. And yet again Dinah Lee is the only one who feels that something is not right and that sketch might mean something. 😀

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Loving – Episode 7 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the clips with Liz from the 7th episode of Loving.

It’s incredible that not even Ava can understand that is not Jeremy.
We love Elizabeth’s reaction when fake Jeremy is too close to her and in the last clip her face when he goes on with those inappropriate compliments on Ava…. haha!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving - Projects - Video

Rebecca Mader About Elizabeth

A fan, Xavianne Gomez, asked Rebecca (during Dutch Comic Con 2018) how it was working with Liz and this is what she answered:


They didn’t get the chance to work together on OUAT, but Rebecca always has the nicest words for her.

And they are so true… Elizabeth is very and pleasantly motherly, the kindest person you can possibly have in your life and impossible to forget how beautifully she took care of you even if it’s been so long since you spent time with her. And she is so full of energy and the sweetest woman ever!

We also loved Bex said their relationship is similar to the one with Lana (Parrilla) since those two always seem so close. It’s lovely to see she kept such a great memory of the time with Liz. Well… honestly how can you not?! 😀 <3

Thanks so much Xavianne for sending this.

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Old Article | Beauty and The Beast

We found this old and nice article about Liz.

August 2001

00_NEW_frequency_premiere_ELIZABETH_MITCHELL_2.jpgBeauty and The Beast
Highland Park grad Elizabeth Mitchell goes from the emergency room to the newsroom.

Elizabeth Mitchell broke her nose in 2000 on the set of Frequency, her first feature film, but that didn’t stop her from bulldozing her way to the top. You might say she takes after her parents, Joseph and Josephine Jenkins-Mitchell, real estate and tax attorneys whose practice is a stone’s throw away from their Highland Park home. But breaking out of her upper-middle-class comfort zone and pursuing her dream of acting was more important to the budding thespian than following in her parent’s footsteps. “You’ve gotta go for it,” Mitchell says, “and go for it with gusto.”

Mitchell honed her acting skills at the Dallas Theater Center for six years before graduating from Highland Park High School in 1988. She earned a BFA in acting from Stephens College in Missouri and also spent a year at the British American Drama Academy before relocating to LA in 1994. The following year saw her daytime drama debut as Dinah Lee Mayberry on Loving. That gig led to a co-starring turn with Angelina Jolie in HBO’s Gia, the vehicle that made Jolie famous. But Mitchell’s big break came recently, when she burst onto the primetime scene playing lesbian psychiatrist Dr. Kim Legaspi on ER. Her role opposite ER veteran Laura Innes caught the eye of rival network ABC, and Mitchell quickly landed her own show. She currently laments the lethargy of bureaucracy and wrestles with the ethics of journalism as hard-nosed reporter Alice Allenby on The Beast, a reality-based news show. The concept is a tricky one for ABC to pull off; it requires a bit more active participation than Survivor. But if Beast doesn’t sit well with viewers, don’t fault Mitchell. She pulls off the smart-and-pretty combo with remarkable ease, and we’re confident we haven’t seen the last of her.


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Loving – Episode 6 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the 6th episode of Loving into the video archive.

Dinah Lee is so vulnerable, but her condition doesn’t stop her to speak out and explains how she feels about “fake” Jeremy. It’s so sad that she’s the only one who got that something is not right and Trucker doesn’t believe her. Just want to punch him in the face sometimes. è_é

We love how differently Liz plays her in the dream (clip 3).

Note: Curtis is Dinah Lee’s ex husband. READ MORE

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving - Projects - Video

Small Old Interview About Rachel

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_05.JPGThere’s a small interview with Liz from an old (and stupid 😀 ) article about Revolution. Sorry, most of the articles from TV Guide about that show were unbearable to read, so this is just the part about Elizabeth.

Talk about chemistry! “With Miles, I feel like [Rachel’s] either going to kiss him or she’s going to beat the crap out of him and she’s always trying to figure out what,” Mitchell said. There’s no doubt that all of Miles and Rachel’s interactions are fraught with such passion, but is that necessarily a good thing? “Usually your pain attracts,” the actress explained. “You’re attracted to each other’s bad qualities. Sometimes that draws you in even more than the good ones.”


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