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The Linda McCartney Story | Press Release

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgThe Linda McCartney Story:  A 30-Year Love Story
Sunday, May 21, 9:00 PM, ET/PT (2 hours)
== CBS promo blurb ==

This is the story of talented young photographer Lin da Eastman (Mitchell) who captures the heart of one of rock’s most eligible bachelors, the Beatles’ Paul McCartney. The couple eventually marries and their loving 30-year marriage survives the Beatles break-up, the formation of Wings, Paul’s landing in jail on drug charges in Tokyo, and the criticism that constantly surrounded them.
But, when Linda is diagnosed with cancer, the McCartneys must come to terms with the most difficult event they have ever encountered.

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Venice Interview: Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency

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Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency


They say that the true test of a great actor is whether he or she can stand the test of time, giving an equally impressive performance when they’re old and winkled, as when they’re young and beautiful, Elizabeth Mitchell must be relieved because she’s passed the test with flying colors at a very young age.

In the New Line Cinema release, Frequency, Elizabeth plays Julia Sullivan, wife of fire-fighter Frank (Dennis Quaid) and mother to John (played as an adult by James Caviezel). During the course of the film – a supernatural thriller that covers 30 years – Elizabeth goes from a beautiful young mother to a still-spry senior citizen, and plays both with equal aplomb. Pretty heady stuff for the eldest daughter (of three) of two lawyers who was born in Dallas.

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USA Today Interview For The Linda McCartney Story

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgBy Dennis Hunt, Special for USA TODAY

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Who has ever heard of an actress who craves anonymity? Yet Elizabeth Mitchell swears she thrives on being thoroughly obscure.

“Elizabeth who?” you’re probably saying . That’s music to her ears. But after Sunday night, Mitchell might not blend so easily into the crowd . She has the lead in The Linda McCartney Story (9 p.m. ET/PT), a two-hour CBS movie about the woman – photographer, activist, mother and cancer victim – who spent 30 years married to Beatle Paul McCartney (Gary Bakewell).

Swathed in a long, swirling dress, the tall, slender actress – who’s a bundle of nervous energy – is curled up in the corner of an old couch in the Chateau Marmont hotel lobby. No one bothers her. There isn’t much traffic in the lobby, but actor Rob Lowe, being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight in the courtyard, is getting all the attention.

Is Mitchell’s anti-celebrity stance for real or a line she’s handing the media to make herself more interesting? “I’m sincere,” insists Mitchell, 30, who was born in Dallas and raised in Los Angeles. “Nobody knows who I am, which is heavenly. I’m not totally prepared for the attention you get when you’re a celebrity.

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Interview With Elizabeth Mitchell About “The Linda McCartney Story”

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgElizabeth Mitchell romances a Beatle in The Linda McCartney Story
by Greg Emmanuel


Elizabeth Mitchell is lounging in bed at home, watching cartoons and basically having good ol’ time. “The older ones make me really happy,” she says over the phone from Los Angeles, “Like Roadrunner or Scooby Doo – although not when Scrappy joined the show.” Not usually much of a couch potato, the 30-year-old actor feels she’s earned a respite after completing back-to-back projects. Best known for her role opposite Angelina Jolie in HBO’s 1998 biopic Gia, Mitchell is currently appearing in the time-warping thriller Frequency with Dennis Quaid, and this fall she’ll be see in Neil LaBute’s (in the Company of Men) latest, Nurse Betty. But Sunday 21 on CBS, she has her first starring role in the latest in a string of music-related TV movie, The Linda McCartney Story.

The film follows the 30-year marriage of the former Beatle and the aspiring American photographer. “I didn’t have any idea they’d spent only 11 nights apart,” says Mitchell of the McCartneys. “I didn’t know what a love story it was, and that’s what our movie focuses on.”

According to Mitchell, the film, which comes only two years after McCartney’s death from breast cancer, was a real labour of love for all involved. “There’s nothing in the film that hasn’t been printed,” says Mitchell. “We worked our tails off to make everything accurate and respectful as possible.”

Mitchell admits she had reservation about playing the role, but she accepted the part after she was assured the film would not be a sensationalist Behind the Music-style portraits. She was also aware of McCartney’s many living relatives who might see the film – Paul included. “We tried to keep it so that if he happened to see it,” she says, “or if other family members happen to see it, it would be something that they would be proud of than horrified by.” Plus according to Mitchell “You don’t often get to play this span of a life and this charming of a person. I just had to.”

Mitchell ahs been an actor since she was seven years old. She performed at Dallas Theatre Center in her hometown, and subsequently studied acting both at Stephens College and the British American Drama Academy. Although she has numerous theatre credits, Mitchell’s previous forays into television have included two quickly cancelled series (L.A. Firefighters and Significant Others). At this point, she’s just “searching for the right part” – on either stage or screen. “I really want to do a comedy. I think I’ve found one that’s really dark – it’s bitchy and kind of wonderful,” she says with giggles. If all else fails, maybe a voice-over gig for one those beloved cartoons? “I would love to do that, “Mitchell says, sounding surprisingly sincere. “I could be Scooby – and I got Donal Duck Down.”

Unknown Source

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Indy Star Interview About The Linday McCartney Story

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgActress helps convey the appeal of McCartney
Marc D. Allan

Before winning the title role in The Linda McCartney Story, actress Elizabeth Mitchell knew only one thing about her character: She was Mrs. Paul McCartney.  But the more she found out, the more she liked the woman McCartney called Lin.

“I think she was an amazing person,” Mitchell says, “and I hope that people after watching the movie want to know more about her. She did amazing things for cancer research and animal activism. Good Lord, she made $300 million selling food because she wanted to save animals. That’s a pure heart right there, and that’s gorgeous.”

Linda McCartney’s activism isn’t emphasized in the movie, which airs from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday on WISH . The Linda McCartney Story is largely a love story between one of the most famous men in the world and the woman who won his heart.  The movie has its problems — giant gaps of time are missing, and the crowd scenes are awfully phony-looking — but Mitchell is its greatest asset. She’s so radiant and dynamic as Linda that it’s understandable why someone as famous as McCartney (played by Gary Bakewell) would fall in love with her and remain completely devoted.

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TV Data Features Syndicate Interview About The Linda McCartney Story

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgMitchell moved by bond between Linda and Paul
by John Crook (TV Data Features Syndicate)

TV movies happen very quickly, but asking Elizabeth Mitchell to step into Linda McCartney’s shoes on five days’ notice seems a little extreme.

Still, the actress – currently basking in glowing reviews for her work in the hit movie Frequency – says she had no big problem with her role in The Linda McCartney Story, a CBS movie premiering Sunday at 10 p.m.

Mitchell credits screenwriter Christine Berardo (Nicholas’ Gift), who based her teleplay largely on the Danny Field’s biography Linda McCartney: A Portrait, with making her task much easier.

“Usually I do my own research, but she had done an amazing amount of background and just put it all into my arms,” Mitchell says with a laugh. “I just pored through all that, plus read everything I could – every Beattle book ever written, you name it. Fortunately, since Linda was in the entertainment world, I was able fairly readily to find a lot of people who had met her. And they all just adored her.”

The actress says it was easy to get a handle on McCartney simply because there was nothing false about her.

“Linda was just so true to herself,” Mitchell says, “even from the beginning. Her parents wanted her to be one thing, but she knew what she wanted. And later the world seemed to want her to be something else, but she stayed true to herself and her husband.”

Linda Eastman, a photographer, met Bettle’s Paul McCartney (Gary Bakewell, who played the same role in the movie Blackbeat9 in 1965 when she accepted a Rolling Stone assignment over the advice of her attorney father, Lee (George Segal).

Love slowly blossomed between the two, but when they finally married, Paul’s fans pitched an unholy tantrum.

The new Mrs. Paul McCartney had to surmount yet another hurdle after her husband insisted she join his new band, Wings. She was trashed, to put it mildly, but Mitchell says the CBS movie makes it clear she never wanted to be in the band in the first place.
“Linda said, ‘I’m a photographer, I can’t sing,’ but Paul said, ‘But you’re my best friend and I want you with me,'” Mitchell says. “She did it reluctantly and, oh, what horrible abuse she took!”

The world watched as Linda succumbed to cancer – her husband, while grieving privately, totally fell apart at his loss – and Mitchell says the TV movie, which was not available for review, tries to deal with that part of their lives sensitively.

“I literally got sick myself – with a fever of 103 – playing those late scenes, just because it was such an intense experience.”

TV Data Features Syndicate

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The Linda McCartney Story | Variety Review

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpg[…] As Linda, Elizabeth Mitchell is especially strong in the early going, and the telepic manages a nice balancing act. Linda sleeps with rock stars, falls immediately in love with Paul and takes an active role in pursuing one of the most famous men in the world, yet she always comes off as totally genuine. So many telepics take their primary subject and put them into a passive role — more acted upon than acting. The first half of “The Linda McCartney Story” avoids this trap, and the film moves along at a rapid pace, interweaving the couple’s early years together and the later times when Linda discovers her cancer. […]

[…] Mitchell does her best to show Linda’s stern-faced determination. […]

[…] Mitchell and Bakewell — who also played McCartney in the film “Backbeat” — capture enough chemistry to make the overall romance work. […]

Full review after the break.

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