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Billy Baldwin and Elizabeth Mitchell will head the cast of “Double Bang”

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emfc_doublebang_00005335.JPGBaldwin, Mitchell top indie thriller ‘Bang’

Billy Baldwin and Elizabeth Mitchell (“The Linda McCartney Story”) will head the cast of indie cop thriller “Double Bang,” due to begin principal photography today in Los Angeles.

Baldwin, whose credits include “Backdraft,” “Sliver” and the upcoming “Relative Values,” portrays a police officer seeking to avenge the death of his partner by entering the world of corruption and murder. Mitchell, who has also appeared in “Frequency” and the upcoming “Nurse Betty,” will play his love interest.

Heywood Gould will direct from his own script, adapted from his novel by the same name. Gould’s previous writer/director work includes “One Good Cop,” “Trial by Jury” and TV movie “Mistrial.” His writing credits include “Cocktail,” “Fort Apache: The Bronx” and “The Boys From Brazil.”

“Double Bang” is being financed by Yoram Pelman’s Tomorrow Films. Pelman, whose credits include “The Lesser Evil” and “Til Human Voices Awake Us,” is producing.

The project has been packaged by Paradigm, which reps Baldwin, and Mitchell, who is managed by Seven Summits.


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Baldwin to do ‘Double’ take with Mitchell

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emfc_doublebang_00005335.JPGBaldwin to do ‘Double’ take with Mitchell

Jun. 19, 2000 – By Cathy Dunkley

William Baldwin has signed to play the male lead opposite Elizabeth Mitchell in the low-budget indie feature “Double Bang,” slated to start principal photography this week in Los Angeles and shoot for five weeks.

Baldwin will play Billy Benson, a homicide detective intent on exacting revenge after his ex-partner is gunned down by a hit man. Jon Seda (“Selena”) rounds out the cast.

Heywood Gould (“One Good Cop,” “Cocktail”) wrote and will direct the project, which will be produced by Tomorrow Film Corp.’s Yoram Pelman. Tomorrow is fully financing the film and will retain international rights.

Baldwin most recently starred in the adaptation of Noel Coward’s “Relative Values.” His other film credits include “Shattered Image,” “Sliver,” “Backdraft” and “Flatliners.”

Mitchell is currently starring in “Frequency” opposite Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. Her other credits include a co-starring role in “Gia” opposite Angelina Jolie and a role in the upcoming summer release of Neil LaBute’s “Nurse Betty.”

She also recently starred as Linda McCartney in a CBS movie-of-the-week.

Paradigm reps Baldwin and Mitchell, the latter of whom is also managed by Seven Summits.


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People Interview About Frequency And Other Projects

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Double Dipping

People May 22 2000.jpgNo one is more excited about actress Elizabeth Mitchell’s current success than her folks down home in Dallas. After a preview of her new film Frequency, “they stood at the theater door, literally accosting people on the way out,” she says. “My dad, who’s very shy, asked everyone, ‘What did you think of the girl?’ ”

For Mitchell, 30, the buzz is spreading like Texas wildfire thanks to Frequency and the TV biopic The Linda McCartney Story (airing May 21 on CBS), in which she plays Paul McCartney’s late wife, a fervent animal-rights activist. “In honor of Linda, I became a vegetarian,” says Mitchell. “My entire youth I ate steak. But now I may not go back to eating meat.”

That strong will was evident on the Frequency set, according to costar Dennis Quaid, who says Mitchell did not miss a beat after breaking her nose during the shoot. “She was positive about the whole thing,” he says. “She’s fantastic.” The daughter of Dallas attorneys, Mitchell launched her TV career on the ABC soap Loving in 1994. “I was a perfectionist; I’d tell the writers, ‘I can’t say this!’…So I got fired.” She bounced back in 1998 with HBO’s Gia, playing Angelina Jolie‘s bisexual lover. Single in real life, Mitchell, who now lives in L.A., hopes for a more traditional love life. “I want kids everywhere,” she says. “I want to eat Häagen-Dazs and get broad hips. If you try to stay young forever, you don’t really live.”


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The Linda McCartney Story | Press Release

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgThe Linda McCartney Story:  A 30-Year Love Story
Sunday, May 21, 9:00 PM, ET/PT (2 hours)
== CBS promo blurb ==

This is the story of talented young photographer Lin da Eastman (Mitchell) who captures the heart of one of rock’s most eligible bachelors, the Beatles’ Paul McCartney. The couple eventually marries and their loving 30-year marriage survives the Beatles break-up, the formation of Wings, Paul’s landing in jail on drug charges in Tokyo, and the criticism that constantly surrounded them.
But, when Linda is diagnosed with cancer, the McCartneys must come to terms with the most difficult event they have ever encountered.

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Venice Interview: Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency

venice.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency


They say that the true test of a great actor is whether he or she can stand the test of time, giving an equally impressive performance when they’re old and winkled, as when they’re young and beautiful, Elizabeth Mitchell must be relieved because she’s passed the test with flying colors at a very young age.

In the New Line Cinema release, Frequency, Elizabeth plays Julia Sullivan, wife of fire-fighter Frank (Dennis Quaid) and mother to John (played as an adult by James Caviezel). During the course of the film – a supernatural thriller that covers 30 years – Elizabeth goes from a beautiful young mother to a still-spry senior citizen, and plays both with equal aplomb. Pretty heady stuff for the eldest daughter (of three) of two lawyers who was born in Dallas.

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USA Today Interview For The Linda McCartney Story

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28129.jpgBy Dennis Hunt, Special for USA TODAY

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Who has ever heard of an actress who craves anonymity? Yet Elizabeth Mitchell swears she thrives on being thoroughly obscure.

“Elizabeth who?” you’re probably saying . That’s music to her ears. But after Sunday night, Mitchell might not blend so easily into the crowd . She has the lead in The Linda McCartney Story (9 p.m. ET/PT), a two-hour CBS movie about the woman – photographer, activist, mother and cancer victim – who spent 30 years married to Beatle Paul McCartney (Gary Bakewell).

Swathed in a long, swirling dress, the tall, slender actress – who’s a bundle of nervous energy – is curled up in the corner of an old couch in the Chateau Marmont hotel lobby. No one bothers her. There isn’t much traffic in the lobby, but actor Rob Lowe, being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight in the courtyard, is getting all the attention.

Is Mitchell’s anti-celebrity stance for real or a line she’s handing the media to make herself more interesting? “I’m sincere,” insists Mitchell, 30, who was born in Dallas and raised in Los Angeles. “Nobody knows who I am, which is heavenly. I’m not totally prepared for the attention you get when you’re a celebrity.

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