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Spin City 6×10 Fight Club | Press Release & Photo

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spin city elizabeth mitchell.jpgPhysical fitness figures in Winston’s mayoralty campaign, and in the romantic arena, where Caitlin’s wealthy Romeo stands up to Charlie.

ORIGINAL AIR DATE :: November 20, 2001
GUEST STARS :: Tom Amandes as Julian Wheeler; David Shatraw as Kyle; Elizabeth Mitchell as Nancy Wheeler; Mandy Blank as Female Body Builder; Nick Soderblom as Juice Bar Attendant
WRITER :: Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgove
DIRECTOR :: Ted Wass
PLOT DESCRIPTION :: The Mayoral race hits a snag when Mayor Winston’s opponent suffers a heart attack which forces him to drop out of the running, but his wife, Nancy Wheeler, steps in to take his place and surges in the polls due to an outpouring of sympathy. Meanwhile, Charlie gets punched in the face by Caitlin’s new love interest and she makes him promise to be the bigger man by not fighting back.

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The Beast | Review About Elizabeth

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgAnyone who can hold her own opposite Angelina Joliet has to be good. Mitchell did exactly that when she played Jolie’s lover in the HBO movie Gia.

Since then she’s co-starred with Dennis Quaid in the surprise hit Frequency and appeared in Nurse Betty with Renee Zellwegger. Not too shabby for a girl from Dallas. Plus, she played the much loved Linda McCartney in a made-for-TV biopic and lived to tell the tale. In ABC’s The Beast she is the audience’s entree into the media machine when she’s recruited to join a news organization intent on putting her right in the middle of the stories she covers. We’re betting she’ll make it look like a cake walk at the church bazaar.

Unknown Source

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The Beast | US Weekly Rerview

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US Weekly gives ABC’s The Beast Two Stars.

the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgThe Beast

ABC Wednesdays 10pm | Series Premiere, June 13

The over-the-top premiere episode of this ensemble drama really piles on the goodies: a mad bomber, a televised execution in the electric chair, a nude scene featuring Elizabeth Mitchell (the lovely lesbian from both ER and HBO’s Gia). She plays Alice Allenby, a magazine writer who is persuaded by mogul Jackson Burns (Frank Langella) to work for his new 14-hours news channel.

As one character explains, the call the channel the Beast “because it’s always hungry.”

You can tell the staff is hip because anchor Reese McFadden (Jason Geddrick) doesn’t shave, drinks whiskey at office meetings and talks like Dennis Miller with worse gag writers. The premiere is so frenetic that you can overlook the yadda-yadda about media power (“The camera is God”).

Adding to the journalistic navel-gazing is the channel’s odd polity of broadcasting its inner workings live on the Internet via feeds controlled by a mysterious figure Harry. (“Harry is God,” says Burns, which means, logically, that Harris is the camera.)

Source: US Weekly, June 11-18

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Interview With Elizabeth About “The Beast”

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (5).jpgTexan sinks her teeth into role in upcoming ‘The Beast’ Candy Havens Star

Despite being born in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Mitchell considers herself a Texan. She spent her childhood in Dallas, where she attended an arts magnet high school and worked in local theater.

For the past five years, the 31-year-old actress has been working steadily in film and TV in Los Angeles. Some of her more high-profile film roles are in Gia and Frequency. Most recently, she appeared on NBC’s ER. She has two upcoming films, Double Bang and Hollywood Palms.

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The Beast | Entertainment Tonight Interview

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (5).jpgInto “The Beast”

ELIZABETH MITCHELL leaves her “ER” scrubs behind as she tackles a career in TV journalism in ABC’s new series, “The Beast.”

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: Your character is caught in a very unusual position in the first episode. It’s probably the first time a main character has been naked the whole first scene. Does that do anything particular to the scene? In other words, does she have a feeling of vulnerability or something that makes it more interesting to act the role?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: I think KARIO SALEM (creator and star) has created such an incredibly interesting woman, a woman who seeks the truth, and that’s what drew me to the character. What I liked about that scene is that she is very free. I didn’t see it so much as vulnerable, just that she’s able to be with this man that she loves or she’s beginning to love and to be so open and so lovely with him. And therefore, when we see her in that really tight setting later, where she is interviewing for a job, we’ve seen her at her most natural, at her most essential, at her most basic. So that’s why I like that scene.

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