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Lost set not affected by the Quake

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An ABC spokesperson confirmed Monday that production for Lost was unaffected by the earthquakes that rocked Hawaii on Sunday morning. The ABC drama was shooting on a full schedule Monday. ABC’s reality series Supernanny also happened to be shooting at the time in Honolulu, though the show’s star Jo Frost was not on set Sunday. The show did, however, continue shooting Sunday using generators for power.

Source: Broadcasting Cable

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Lost 3×02 Ratings

Part of “Old Info And News”

The No. 1 TV program of the night in Adults 18-49 for the second week in a row, ABC’s “Lost” won the 9 o’clock hour in Total Viewers (16.7 million) and Adults 18-49 (6.7/17). Among Adults 18-49, “Lost” (6.7/17) beat out second-place CBS’ “Criminal Minds” by 52% (4.4/11) and third-place NBC’s “Biggest Loser” by 123% (3.0/8).

Lost” qualified as Wednesday’s No. 1 TV program across the key adult demo
5.6/16, AD18-49 – 6.7/17 and AD25-54 – 7.4/17) and among Teens 12-17 (4.2/14).

Compared to where it ended last season, “Lost” was up in viewers and young adults (2006 May Sweep = 15.7 million viewers & 6.6/15 in Adults 18-49). In fact, excepting last week’s season opener and the season finale in May, “Lost” attracted its largest audience since February and its second-highest Adult 18-49 number since April – since 2/15/06 and 4/5/06, respectively.

Source: ABC

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EW’s Lost Theories

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpg3. WHAT’S WITH JULIET’S MUST LIST?

ANALYSIS Being the geeky Romeos that we are, we’ve become immediately smitten with Juliet, Lost’s Stephen King-reading, Petula Clark-grooving new Other. But when we began to dissect her Must List for Big Theory clues, we began to worry for the melancholy tropical suburbanite. Take ”Downtown,” Clark’s 1964 smash, which begins: ”When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go… downtown!” But without a hipster party zone on the island that we know of, one wonders if Juliet might consider chasing her blues away by following the tragic example of her Shakespearean namesake. Things get more foreboding when you scrutinize the ”Downtown” sequence and see that the Clark disc was tucked inside the case for Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues, which features ”Burning Down The House.” The strange musical pairing becomes downright chilling when you pause, squint, and see that Juliet’s ”favorite book” is King’s Carrie, which ends with the pig blood-drenched telekinetic teen not just burning down the gym (and incinerating her cruel classmates), but also burning down her house (and killing her abusive religious mother), then burning down the roadhouse bar where her miserable mutant life was conceived. (If this is Juliet’s ”favorite book,” I wonder what the rest of her top ten looks like.)

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