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Elizabeth About The Writers Strike

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 2 (3).jpgPerhaps no current series is in a stranger strike-induced limbo than ABC’s Lost. While fall premieres at least got out of the gate and 24’s own midseason return was officially postponed, Lost has eight episodes in the can but still, technically, awaits word on when they will unspool. “I think there’s still a wonderful market for Lost and that it’s a really good show, so I think [ABC is] going to have to play it by ear,” Elizabeth Mitchell shared at Hollywood Life Magazine’s Breakthrough Awards. “But from what I’ve heard, they want to see it back on the air.”

Cast mate Jorge Garcia was a bit more assured of a scheduled February return, saying, “I do believe the plan is to definitely air them right now. I don’t think they’re going to save them.” If anything, he says, the strike delay “is just going to throw off the original plan” to wrap up the series with three uninterrupted 16-episode seasons.

Until production someday resumes, many cast and crew members are left to bide their time, many of them in not-exactly-affordable Oahu. As Mitchell notes, “A lot of people are still in Hawaii because their kids are in school there, so they’re all kind of… “stuck” in Hawaii is really the wrong thing to say, but a lot of people are there, so I have my fingers crossed. The crew’s not getting paid, so you’ve got hundreds of people out of work right now. It’s really hard.”

Source: TV Guide

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Lost - Old Info And News - Projects

Elizabeth Mitchell brings mystery and intrigue to her role on ‘Lost.’

Part of “Old Info And News”

lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 2 (3).jpgWherefore art thou Juliet?
Elizabeth Mitchell brings mystery and intrigue to her role on ‘Lost.’.
‘LOST’: the series with shady characters and hidden agendas

Every time Elizabeth Mitchell returns home to Los Angeles from the set of the ABC hit Lost, her husband asks her the same question: “So, are you dead yet?” Mitchell, speaking to Back Stage from the Oahu, Hawaii, set of the show, lets loose a deep laugh and admits she can’t blame him: In its three years on the air, Last has sent a number of series regulars to the grave. When Mitchell agreed to join up, for the third season, she watched the program and recalls seeing “two people I thought were lovely get shot within seconds of each other, with no fanfare whatsoever.” She muses, “And I thought, ‘Oh, so that’s how it goes on the show.'”

Though nothing is ever certain in the land of Lost, odds are Mitchell isn’t going anywhere for a while. Since the last season opened on the previously unseen character Juliet, audiences have been taken by Mitchell’s complex, sympathetic portrait of her. Though she was originally presented as one of the Others–the mysterious sect terrorizing the castaways–it soon became apparent that Juliet was under the Others’ thumb as well.

Article from: Back Stage West | November 29, 2007 – Full Article Not Available


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