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The Expanse: Last Filming Day

The ExpanseNo info about Elizabeth’s character yet but we found out that the last filming day of season 3 is December 8, so they are almost done for this year. We’ll probably be able to know about her role close to the airing date (which is February 2018) since they are all mysterious and don’t want to release any info yet. è_é We’re dying here, give us something! 😀


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Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street | On-Set Photo And Info

We recently found this pic in a better quality on Sloane’s facebook page.


Someone asked us where to watch the episode… it’s only available on Amazon in various Countries and it is free to watch if you have Prime.

Just a tiny note for those who live in Italy: it’s finally available in our Country as well if you have Amazon Prime! YAS!

We managed to get the episode with Elizabeth on a original DVD (a “for your consideration” edition) since we love to have everything she is in into our collection. HEHE! 😛
If you’re interested to get one too, you’ll probably be able to find a couple of them on ebay. 😉

Oh and for those who can’t get the show in their Country, you can watch the clips with Elizabeth in our video archive. It’s a very beautiful episode and touching story and she’s fantastic in it.

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Nice Mention

We’ve just noticed this nice mention on ig, posted by someone who worked with Liz in a scene of The Expanse.

@astralminion: Well since she’s been announced to be on the series, I can say that I was in a scene of Elizabeth Mitchell’s last night…and she is super pretty in person! Can’t say anymore tho!

Dying to know what she’s doing on the show!

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The Expanse’s Producer About Elizabeth

Daniel Abrahm, The Expanse‘s producer, answered to a Liz-lovelie who asked to know more about Elizabeth’s character on The Expanse. He didn’t give any detail, but he said:

She’s *really* good. Does that count?

This is the second time he said something nice about Liz and that makes us happy!

There’s really no info about her role on the show (we look for it every single day). It’s really draining, but we are sure it will be worth the wait. No actress in the world can give us the same emotions Elizabeth does, so every time she has something new to play is really a gift for us. So excited!

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Expanse