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Once Upon A Time Review: Ingrid Is Too Interesting To Lose

This is a nice review about Liz, but it contains theories about the upcoming episodes. Enjoy! 😀

Will The Snow Queen Return After ‘Once Upon A Time’s Winter Finale? Ingrid Is Too Interesting To Lose

I think Ingrid, the Snow Queen, has to be one of my favorite Once Upon a Time villains. She’s not tainting the memory of a childhood favorite like Peter Pan. She whispers instead of yelling, which is almost always more menacing. She’s not connected to Cora, thank the good fairies above. She brings a philosophy about magic that we haven’t seen yet on a show with so many magical characters, and I appreciate that. It’s also interesting to see a villain who wants something so simple, yet does terrible things in order to achieve it. I wish Elizabeth Mitchell could be on the show forever! Wait, can she? Will the Once Upon A Time winter finale end the Snow Queen? I certainly hope not, but TVLine spoilers about the “embarrassment of witches” coming to OUAT this spring do not bode well. Not cool! There’s still a big missing piece to Ingrid’s story! What went down at the foster home with teenage Emma? Something must have gone wrong, or Ingrid would not have erased all of Emma’s only happy childhood memories. We need those answers before Mitchell takes her final bow.

The Dec. 14 winter finale title, “Heroes and Villains,” doesn’t reveal much, but the episode that precedes it might. “Shattered Sight” will air on Dec. 7 and it may have an obnoxious name, but it could have amazing implications. A spell that makes everyone in Storybrooke see the worst in each other is coming, so finally, we’ll get some conflict out on the table. I have a hunch that even once the spell is over, everyone will have to deal with the truth they’ve just revealed. Serves them right. These fairy tale characters are way too nice, anyway. However, breaking the spell will probably mean either destroying or banishing Elsa and Anna’s not-so-beloved aunt. How could that come about?

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4x09 Fall - 4x10 Shattered Sight - 4x11 "Heroes and Villains" - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: [SPOILER] Liz finished filming


According to security, Elizabeth Mitchell finished filming earlier this week, and other Frozen cast have their last day today!

Source: Katmtan

This makes me so extremely sad. It has been a great adventure and we’ll keep seeing her on TV till December 14, but still I am gonna miss all this! I really hope her next show will be in Vancouver as well!Thanks everyone who shared pictures of Liz and posted their reports, you made a lot of people happy!

And thanks so much Liz for your amazing work on the show, I really hope you had a blast! <3

And well let’s cheer up guys, because we’re gonna have this Queen making her magic on tv till December 14! 😀

4x11 "Heroes and Villains" - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Set - Snow Queen


Once Upon A Time: Upcoming Episodes’ Titles – 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s 2 hours episode

UPDATE: Adam has just posted on twitter that 4×08 will air an hour earlier and it’s a 2 hours episode.

I’ve just read this:

It seems that 4×08 will be a 2*1hr episodes

We have some new Episode Titles for you today.

  • Episode 4x08A/B now is called “Smash the Mirror Part 1” / “Smash the Mirror Part 2”
  • Episode 4×09 is called “Fall”
  • Episode 4×10 is called “Shattered Sight”
  • Episode 4×11 is called “Heroes and Villains”

Source: SpoilerTV

This is interesting because 4×08 is the episode with scenes set in the 80’s and it could be a lot about the Snow Queen. Jennifer said she worked a lot with Liz and also Lana posted a photo with her in the same period, so this is going to be great!

4x08 Smash The Mirror - 4x09 Fall - 4x10 Shattered Sight - 4x11 "Heroes and Villains" - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers