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Once Upon A Time: ET Interview with Elizabeth

Her interviews are the best so here’s another beautiful one! Enjoy! 😀 [Spoilers Alert]

The temperature may be dropping in Storybrooke, but the drama is just now starting to heat up!

Brace yourselves, Once Upon a Time fans because this Sunday’s all-new episode is so undeniably epic that they had to add a whole extra hour. That’s right — we’re being treated to not one, but two hours of adrenaline-pumping fairytale fun, and ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of what you can expect.

We chatted with Elizabeth Mitchell — aka our cold-hearted Snow Queen — to find out what’s next for our Storybrooke residents in this week’s “epic” event, when the dreaded Spell of Shattered Sight will finally be unleashed, and how the newest mega magical weapon will come into play.

Last week, it was incredibly moving to finally learn about the Snow Queen’s dark past. How did this episode change the way you see her, and consequently play her?
EM: She makes me sad because she’s been through so much. She killed someone as a kid and then she went and got trapped in an urn for who knows how many years and I kind of made the choice that she was self-aware in there because I wanted there to be a reason for her madness. A reason for that cracking to happen to her psyche, I’ve always felt for her and to watch the innocence that she had and the promise for who Ingrid could have been got wiped away and there was really no one there to guide her or to help her control it. Her sisters definitely tried and she kept making all of these wrong choices and horrible things kept happening and it made me sad.

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4x08 Smash The Mirror - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: EW Small Interview with Liz

Hey guys, there is a small interview with Liz about Once Upon A Time. I am including also the interview with Georgina and the other Elizabeth because they talks about the Snow Queen. Enjoy! 🙂

[…] But losing her powers may not fit into the Snow Queen’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) plans for Emma. After losing the love of her own sisters, the Snow Queen seems out to adopt Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Emma as her own. “She just wants love,” Mitchell says. “It’s not like romantic love. I don’t think her head works that way. She’s too young really for that, inside her mind. She wants her two sisters. She wants that feeling of belonging again. She didn’t know that she had that love and when it was gone, she knew she had it.”

However, killing her own sister wasn’t quite the catalyst for the Snow Queen’s transformation into a villain after being hidden away from society at such a young age. “She was already on the road to crazy,” Mitchell says. “Without people to really guide her towards choices and having to hide and not being able to be the person she is, she just never came into her own.”

Without those skills, trying to break the sisterly bond between Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa in Arendelle of the past may prove more difficult, forcing the Snow Queen to take drastic measures to prove to Elsa that Anna had more nefarious plans for her. “Anna wants Elsa to be as special and as original and as true to herself as she is,” Lail says. “Because of Ingrid, Elsa’s perception could potentially get skewed to see it as though I am trying to take away her powers because I have this hat box and did not tell her the truth.”

But their bond may even be able to transcend what actions the Snow Queen takes. “The Snow Queen does herself a disservice, because once she starts trying to make Elsa distrust Anna, that’s exactly when Elsa starts distrusting the Snow Queen,” Haig hints.

Source: EW – Thanks so much Yiyi for the headup!

4x08 Smash The Mirror - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: TV Line Interview with Elizabeth

UPDATE: I added what Matt Mitovich tweeted about Liz at the end of the post. <3

There is a new beautiful interview with Elizabeth on TV LINE! Enjoy! 😀

PS: What she said about CJ, her best friend and her grandma are the best! <3

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the forecast calls for extra amounts of snow, seeing as the episode “Smash the Mirror” was supersized to run two hours (starting at 8/7c).

What chilling face-off will the Snow Queen conjure? What burning questions will be answered? (And where does Ingrid stand on the Regina/Robin situation?) TVLine spoke with Lost/Revolution alum Elizabeth Mitchell about all that, her magically gravity-defying wardrobe and more.

TVLINE | What have you gone and done that they needed to add an extra hour to this week’s episode?
Oh, you know…. [Laughs] We had this amazing director, Eagle [Egillson, for Part 1], and when we were shooting it, I just liked what he was doing. I thought it was so fun and dramatic and kind of just wonderful, like a sweeping, epic fantasy. I guess [the producers] felt like it was so much fun, they wanted to add more. And there’s a lot more, too, with Lana [Parrilla]’s character, which is joyful for me because I love watching her.

TVLINE | If you are following Lana’s storyline, whose team are you on? Do you want Robin to go for it with Regina, or should he be true to Marian?
That’s a hard one, isn’t it? It’s lovely to be true, but I don’t even know if [Robin and Marian] really like each other all that much. So, yeah, unfortunately that is kind of my feeling on that. But Marian’s a lovely girl, so hopefully she’ll find happiness somewhere else.

TVLINE | So, I’m looking at the logline for this two-hour episode. Why is The Snow Queen going to pit Emma versus Elsa?
She’s just trying to find love, so it seems to me that throwing a bit of discord in there always helps people figure out who they really are. I’ve been playing her like a very angry preteen girl because I feel like she was self-aware in that urn for so many years, so I don’t really see where she learned to grow up or any of that stuff. She’s just doing it the best way she knows how. But it’s so hard because you keep wanting to be like, “It’s right in front of you! You have it already,” but that’s why we have all these great antagonists.

TVLINE | If Emma were to lose her powers – and it appears she might try to make that happen this Sunday — would Ingrid lose her interest in her?
Oh my gosh, that’s such a great question because there is something kind of horrifying about the fact that she only deems people who have magic to be interesting, right?

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4x08 Smash The Mirror - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Snow Queen vs Elsa and Anna

The Snow Queen is stirring up trouble between Elsa and Anna on a special two-hour ‘Once Upon a Time’

Arendelle won’t be thawing out any time soon as the Snow Queen works to tear Elsa and Anna apart in the special two-hour episode of “Once Upon A Time” airing Sunday Nov. 16 at 8 p.m. on CTV.
In Arendelle of the past, the Snow Queen attempts to drive a rift between the “Frozen” sisters, demanding that Elsa harm her sister. But Elsa and Anna have other plans. “Elsa and Anna get to work together back in Arendelle,” Elizabeth Lail tells TV Guide. “So we get to see the two sisters become a team and formulate a plan.” But how successful can they be against the powerful Snow Queen?

Source: CTV

4x08 Smash The Mirror - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers