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Once Upon A Time Set: Liz with Sally Pressman

UPDATE: Sally posted another photo of her and Liz!!! <3

Sally posted a photo of her and Liz on Once Upon A Time set. They are so cute! <3

Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman

“Sisters who share a love of candy. They let me and #ElizabethMitchell loose on the sweets!!!!!

She also wrote this beautiful tweet about Liz! AWWWWWW! Yes it’s true!! <3

Thanks so much for the headup!

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Once Upon A Time 4×07 Airs Tonight!

Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen & Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin Once Upon A Time

EMfc edit

Don’t miss the episode about the Snow Queen tonight on ABC 8pm! 😀 We’ll find out more about Ingrid’s backstory and maybe also how she ended up in that urn. Plus there’re going to be awesome scenes with her and Emma! 😉

Here’s the usual recap of all the stuff about the episode! 😀

Once Upon A Time 4×07 “The Snow Queen” – Plot

Emma captures the Snow Queen and interrogates her at the sheriff’s station. But the Snow Queen uses her prior knowledge of Emma to try to persuade her into thinking that they are more alike than she could possibly imagine. Meanwhile, in Arendelle of the past, we learn about the origin of the Snow Queen and her familial connection to Elsa and Anna as we see her discover her spectacular yet deadly ice powers.

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TV Series » Once Upon A Time » BTS » 4×07 “The Snow Queen” BTS + 4×07 Set – Sept. 23


TV Series » Once Upon A Time » 4×07 Promo & Sneak Peek

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time


  • Interviews with Jennifer about Emma & The Snow Queen
  • On September 17 they were shooting a scene about three little girls with long blonde hair (Ingrid, Helga and Gerda) and a really big guy who captures the girls, while they were trying to get a kite.
  • On September 23 Liz was on set alone filming a scene in costume walking into the Storybrooke Free Public Library. | SEE REPORT + PHOTOS |
  • On September 24 they shot a scene that take place in an Arendelle location. Elizabeth Mitchell was there, and three others (The Duke of Weselton and Anna and Elsa’s mother), including Sally Pressman (Helga).

4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Photos - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers - Video

Another Fan Report About Meeting Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time set

Katmtan with Liz

Hi guys! Katmtan emailed me the report of her meetings with Liz and a new photo with her! Elizabeth is always super nice, you all need to read this:

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to write my personal encounter with the amazing Elizabeth Mitchell. When I heard that she was playing Snow Queen, I got super excited. My friend @chelseaquintal is a HUGE Elizabeth Mitchell fan and we both hoped and planned how we can meet Liz.

One day, Liz was filming her scenes for “The Snow Queen Episode” (4×07). I got lucky coz I found where set was and saw that Liz was filming. Unfortunately @ChelseaQuintal couldn’t come coz she had to work. So Liz was filming in her full Snow Queen costume and everytime she saw us she would wave and jump up and down. She was definitely full of energy. Anyways long story short, we waited for her until the end because we knew she couldn’t come out in her costume. We decided we were going to wait where the trailers are (of course not too close that we’re invading their space), Liz finally came out after changing from her costume. There were only four of us there and she was in a bit of a rush. We asked if we could take a photo but she had said she can’t because she still has some of the Snow Queen make up on… One of the fans said she’s leaving next day and just wanted a photo with her and Liz was so sweet and said okay! let’s just take selfies and made ur promise not to post the photo until her character is shown on the show. We all kept our promise and never posted that photo. I wasn’t able to get her to sign my book coz she had to go and I didn’t want to bother her more…I told myself I’ll get another chance…

Read more…

4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Filming Reports - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen

Once Upon A Time: Jennifer about the Snow Queen and Emma

UPDATE: There is another small interview with Jennifer about the Snow Queen and Emma. Enjoy!

The Snow Queen has everyone on edge on ONCE UPON A TIME, and one of the unintended consequences of that is that Emma’s already-shaky control of her powers becomes even more unstable.

“The Snow Queen knows how to push her buttons,” ONCE UPON A TIME star Jennifer Morrison (Emma) acknowledged to reporters on set. “And so she knew [Emma] very well at a young age, but she took her memories. So she knows how to get under her skin, she knows what buttons to push to rile her up internally.”

Source: givememyremote


There’s a new spoilering interview with Jennifer about Emma and the Snow Queen:

“Elsa’s [Georgina Haig] working with Emma to try to focus her magic and try to use it more powerfully, and Emma is pushed to attempt that with the Snow Queen before she’s really ready,” Morrison tells EW. “It seems as if she succeeds at entrapping the Snow Queen, and brings her into the station to question her.”

But the interrogation takes a turn when the Snow Queen wages a bit of psychological war, using information about her former foster child’s past in a bid to get what she ultimately wants. “She knows how to push Emma’s buttons in a way that most people wouldn’t know. She knows those trigger points,” Morrison says. “She very carefully and craftily moves the conversation where she wants to move it and gets under Emma’s skin, which is what pushes her powers out of control the more that she’s stirred up internally. That’s exactly what the Snow Queen wants: She wants to stir up her powers, but we don’t know why initially.”

Driving a wedge between Emma and her family is precisely what the Snow Queen wants, as the icy villain points out what the Savior has missed out on. “The Snow Queen does push her buttons about baby Neal, but it’s not in a way where she’s jealous or that she feels slighted by her parents in any way,” Morrison explains. “I felt it more come from a place of sadness and pain that she missed out on that with Henry, and that her parents missed out on that with her, and that was something they were never going to be able to reclaim. It feels tragic. The things that rile her up the most seem to come from a sadness of the things that have been lost and sacrificed, and the pain that she’s not dealing with in those sacrifices and those losses.”

Source: EW

4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time: Spoilers about Regina and the Snow Queen

I’m not sure if this is for the next episode or not, but it’s an upcoming scene I can’t wait to see!


Two weeks ago, Once Upon a Time‘s Lana Parrilla posted a picture of herself and Robert Carlyle in the mayor’s office. Please tell me Regina is back to being mayor! –Teresa
When will we see more Regina-centric flashbacks on Once Upon a Time? –Fred
Hey, everyone, watch me kill two birds with one scoop: Yes, you will see Regina be mayor again… in an upcoming flashback, to when Regina held the Storybrooke office and met the Snow Queen for the first time.

Source: TV LINE

This is gonna be terrific!!! Yay finally another scene with Liz and Lana! 😀

4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Once Upon A Time 4×07 BTS Photo + 4×06 Still

ABC’s just released this amazing photo of Liz from next week’s episode! Isn’t she pretty? <3

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » BTS » 4×07 “The Snow Queen” BTS

And this is a missing still from 4×06:

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Stills » 4×06 “Family Business”


4x06 Family Business - 4x07 The Snow Queen - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Photos - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers