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Man and Boy’s photoshoot

Jules & I were watching Man & Boy’s dvd last night and in the menu I noticed this tiny picture of Elizabeth we don’t have in the gallery, so I made a cap of it. It’s not big, but we have never seen it before.
I love this movie, not big badget at all, but it’s a lovely little tv movie and Elizabeth is, as always, amazing!

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Lucire Magazine Interview And Photoshoot

Part of “Old Info And News”

June 9, 2007

Just One of the Others

(the cover with Elizabeth is only for the New Zeland version of the magazine)

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While some actresses merely play “the girl next door”, and others try to embody it, Elizabeth Mitchell bends the term every which way to make it her own
by Elyse Glickman

TALL, BLONDE, BEAUTIFUL, born in Los Angeles and raised in Dallas. In short, Elizabeth Mitchell aptly fits the traditional description of the all-American girl. However, if she based her career and identity on that alone, she would be selling herself short.

Instead, Mitchell picks her roles and projects carefully, taking risks that no doubt challenge this ideal. Today, she’s best known as Juliet, one of the intimidating and mysterious “Others” on the worldwide cult hit Lost. A decade ago, she unwittingly bewitched a passionate Angelina Jolie and then had to confront her own sexuality in the award-winning cable television film Gia. In between, she’s wowed the Brits as Ioan Gruffudd’s love interest on BBC’s Man and Boy, time-travelled with Dennis Quaid in Frequency, co-starred with Rénée Zellweger in Neil La Bute’s edgy comedy Nurse Betty and took a lap on man channel ESPN opposite Barry Pepper in The Dale Earnhardt Story. But let’s just say she’s found herself, or, at least, a compelling side of herself, in Lost.

“My favourite role to date is Juliet,” Mitchell muses. “Every day and with every script, I feel a certain sense of gratitude that I have a great character and story to work. What I love most [about the show] is the writing and the people. Beyond that, it is wonderful to be excited about going to work every day, and having a very compelling and meaty story. Also, the writers have kept things very consistent in terms of the overall quality of the show and the character I play on the show. Each scene and each twist in the story really surprises me and keeps me on my toes and my skills sharp as an actress.”

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Small Interview

mab1.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

SWAPPED: Her role as Dr Kim Legaspi in ER for the role of Cyd.

DOUBLE-ACT: Her partner Gary Bakewell plays her estranged husband, Jim, in Man and Boy.

HOOKED ON ACCENTS:  She says she fell in love with Ioan’s Welsh voice though the Scottish accent is her favourite.

ON THE BEEB: “I’ve wanted to work for the BBC since I was ten and I have all the BBC channels in Los Angeles.”

They had a small photo of her in the gorgeous green chinese dress she wears to dinner in the programme.

Uknown source

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