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People Interview About Frequency And Other Projects

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Double Dipping

People May 22 2000.jpgNo one is more excited about actress Elizabeth Mitchell’s current success than her folks down home in Dallas. After a preview of her new film Frequency, “they stood at the theater door, literally accosting people on the way out,” she says. “My dad, who’s very shy, asked everyone, ‘What did you think of the girl?’ ”

For Mitchell, 30, the buzz is spreading like Texas wildfire thanks to Frequency and the TV biopic The Linda McCartney Story (airing May 21 on CBS), in which she plays Paul McCartney’s late wife, a fervent animal-rights activist. “In honor of Linda, I became a vegetarian,” says Mitchell. “My entire youth I ate steak. But now I may not go back to eating meat.”

That strong will was evident on the Frequency set, according to costar Dennis Quaid, who says Mitchell did not miss a beat after breaking her nose during the shoot. “She was positive about the whole thing,” he says. “She’s fantastic.” The daughter of Dallas attorneys, Mitchell launched her TV career on the ABC soap Loving in 1994. “I was a perfectionist; I’d tell the writers, ‘I can’t say this!’…So I got fired.” She bounced back in 1998 with HBO’s Gia, playing Angelina Jolie‘s bisexual lover. Single in real life, Mitchell, who now lives in L.A., hopes for a more traditional love life. “I want kids everywhere,” she says. “I want to eat Häagen-Dazs and get broad hips. If you try to stay young forever, you don’t really live.”


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Venice Interview: Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency

venice.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

Linda McCartney is on the right Frequency


They say that the true test of a great actor is whether he or she can stand the test of time, giving an equally impressive performance when they’re old and winkled, as when they’re young and beautiful, Elizabeth Mitchell must be relieved because she’s passed the test with flying colors at a very young age.

In the New Line Cinema release, Frequency, Elizabeth plays Julia Sullivan, wife of fire-fighter Frank (Dennis Quaid) and mother to John (played as an adult by James Caviezel). During the course of the film – a supernatural thriller that covers 30 years – Elizabeth goes from a beautiful young mother to a still-spry senior citizen, and plays both with equal aplomb. Pretty heady stuff for the eldest daughter (of three) of two lawyers who was born in Dallas.

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L.A. Firefighters | Interview With Elizabeth

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Star Track | Life After Soaps
Elizabeth Mitchell | Hot Stuff

LAFirefighters elizabeth mitchell.jpgElizabeth Mitchell (Loving) finds herself putting out fires on the home front in the new Fox series L.A. Firefighters. Her character, Laura Malloy, is a schoolteacher who is uneasy with her husband’s dangerous job as a fireman.

“She’s strong woman who is totally confused right now,” say Mitchell. “She’s crazy in love with her husband, Jack (Jarrod Emick), but he is constantly gone, and she is always afraid is going to die. She’s a mothering person who’s always wanted a mothering-type life and she doesn’t have one.”

The actress is used to the Sturm und Drang – she was on a soap, after all – but the on-location shooting schedule and single-camera technique have taken some getting used to.

“I enjoy it, but it is very hard. One day I had to burst into tears about 100 times, ” she recalls. “It was for three or four different shots of one scene, so that was really fascinating for me. On the soap you did the same scene once, maybe twice and only three times if you were really bad.”

“Being outside is weird, too,” Mitchell continues. “It’s physically a lot harder than soaps because you’re awake longer and on the set longer. All my stuff is done on location. We’ve shot on a beach and on a playground – even our bedroom is on locations!”

These bedroom scenes are pretty steamy, thanks to the hunky Emick, who made a name for himself on Broadway (including Miss Saigon and Damn Yankees, for which he won a Tony) before heading west.

According to Mitchell, “All the women on the set were saying ‘My god, where did he come from?’ Our first scene was a love scene, by the way. I had never met him before, but he is delightful. He’s a strong actor, and he’s right there with you in every scene.”

Mitchell keeps in touch with her former Loving co-stars “in a roundabout way, through different members of the crew.  Everyone is so spread out these days, but sometimes I’ll see someone and it’s great.”

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Elizabeth Mitchell leaving Loving

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April 11, 1995

sod 41195.jpgHow will Elizabeth Mitchell leave Loving behind?
Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee Mayberry)

When Trucker (Robert Tyler) went off in search of Trisha (Noelle Beck), sources on the set speculated that Dinah Lee’s days in Corinth were numbered. They were right. Mitchell will leave the show for storyline-dictated reasons, confirms a spokesperson for Loving. At press time, the rep could not provide Mitchell’s last air date.

Soap Opera Digest

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Soap Opera Magazine – Interview About Poland Springs Water Commercial

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April 4, 1995

pscom.jpgAh, sweet misery!

Here for the first time, Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) reveals a secret she’s been harbouring for the past two years. In order to land the still-airing commercial for Poland Springs water, Elizabeth fibbed to producers about knowing how to cross-country ski. Since she had downhill skiing experience, she figured she could wing it with the help of a how-to-book – and it worked!

“But little did I know that they’d get us up at 4 in the morning and have us ski for nine hours,” recalls Elizabeth. “We did that for two days, and at the end of each day I was dying.” While the rest of the cast and crew went out barhopping, Elizabeth stayed behind in her hotel room nursing her aching muscles. “I was sitting in the bathtub going ‘Oh my God,’ I was in so much pain.” But the agony was evidently worth it. “I made a nice amount of money on it,” smiles Elizabeth.

Soap Opera Magazine


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Loving | SOM Interview: “Cry Me A River”

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March 21, 1995

som 32195.jpgCry me a river

Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) was so drained after crying her eyes out over Trucker’s depature that she couldn’t bear shedding one more tear. Unfortunately, technical foul-ups required her to repeat the plaintive performance six times! “I got upset and said, ‘Why do we have to do this again?'” confides Elizabeth. “I felt so bad for yelling, but I couldn’t take it anymore.” She was particularly saddened that the crew, “the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” bore the brunt of her explosion. “I wasn’t upset with them in particular, just a the world,” she says with great sincerity. “So the next day, I baked everybody brownies and said I was sorry.” Her co-workers appreciated the peace offering and tried to wipe away her embarrassment. “They gave me a hug and told me not to worry about it. But crying a lot is hard and can be really draining after a while.”

Soap Opera Magazine

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Loving | SOM Interview: “Softening the blow”

Part of “Old Info And News”

March 7, 1995

som 3795.JPGSoftening the blow

Elizabeth Mitchell rarely disagrees with wardrobe’s selections for Dinah Lee, but she recently voiced an objection due to the extreme emotionality of the upcoming scene. On the day Trucker was leaving Dinah Lee to go off in search of Trisha, Elizabeth was slated to wear black outfit with black suede boots. “I thought Dinah Lee should be wearing something soft because it’s all so sad,” says Elizabeth. “I very rarely put my foot down, but I wanted things to be right.”

She approached the costume designer about changing her outfit to a white peignoir, and the costume designer discussed her suggestion with the powers-that-be. A compromise was reached, and Elizabeth was given a pretty pink night-gown to wear.

Soap Opera Magazine

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SOM Interview | The Straitlaced Stripper

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February 7, 1995

som 2795.jpgThe Straitlaced Stripper

The tantalizing scene when Dinah Lee provided Trucker with a private striptease had Elizabeth Mitchell blushing between takes, even though she’d practiced her routine beforehand with a choreographer. “I toned it down in a major way, plus I got to pick out the underwear,” reveals Elizabeth, who sported heels, stockings, black lace and garter belts. Reassured that the lingerie offered more coverage than a bathing suit, she still ran for cover from the cast and crew whenever the cameras weren’t rolling. “There was a post that I danced around, and between takes, I hid behind it. Brendan (the show’s stage manager) said to me, “Thousands of people are going to be watching you do this. Maybe shyness is not a good thing right now,'” laughs Elizabeth. “I did the whole thing with a good sense of humor.”

Soap Opera Magazine

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Loving | SOW Interview: Dinah Lee and Trucker: happily ever after?

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February 7, 1995

elizabeth_mitchell_loving_interview_2.jpgGrave consequences on Loving
Dinah Lee and Trucker: happily ever after?

The discovery that the body in Trisha’s grave is not Trisha effectively ends Trucker and Dinah Lee’s plan to live happily ever after on Loving.

Says Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee), “The first thing she thinks is, ‘it’s over, I’ve lost him again.’ Dinah Lee loves Trucker in the way where she wants him to be as happy as he possibly can. She’s upset that this is making him unhappy. She can’t pretend things are OK, because they’re not. Her heart is broken. Every day a little something more gets her upset.”

Trucker is torn. He loves Dinah Lee, but feels the need to search for Trisha. Dinah Lee overhears Alex and Trucker talking about Alex searching for Trisha, and she cancels the wedding. Trucker’s response is to take Dinah Lee to a justice of the peace anyway, vowing that they will marry tonight. “He just picks her up and carries her out,” laughs Mitchell.

Unfortunately, Alex and Ava arrive and tell the couple they can’t marry until Trisha is declared legally dead. Mitchell says, “I don’t think Dinah Lee really wanted to do it, anyway. She’s watching Trucker go through all this denial [about the possibility that Trisha is alive]. I don’t think she’s happy about anything, and she wasn’t really looking forward to it.”

Complicating matters is Christopher (Trucker and Trisha’s son), who, this week, asks Dinah Lee if he can call her “Mom.” “She says, ‘Why don’t you just call me Dinah Lee?'” says Mitchell.

Trucker hits the road by week’s end, but he’s bound to be surprised by Dina Lee’s request.

Soap Opera Weekly

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