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Happy LOST 10 Year Anniversary

Hello everyone! Today it’s LOST’s 10 year Anniversary. Can you believe it? It’s been already 10 years since the first time I watched the pilot of this perfect show. Amazingly talented cast, great story, best characters ever., I’ve been so lucky to have all of them into my life.

Happy LOST 10 Year Anniversary, losties!


Enjoy this never seen HQ photo of LOST 100th Party with Liz, Josh, Jorge, Michael, Daniel & Jeremy!

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Interesting theory on Juliet’s connection to the Island

I read Juliet1979Elizabeth‘s theory on spoilertv forum and I agree with what she wrote. She thinks that the pregnancy’s problems are connected to Juliet and she explains how. We know that the statue is Taweret and it has been confirmed by ABC. This is her theory:

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LOST: The Variable’s review

This week, on Lost: Alright, listen up – I know I’m not going to win any popularity votes here, but looking back on this week’s episode just left a bad taste in my mouth. I know, I know, it’s full of all my favorite things – Juliet, temporal theory, big twists, Jack getting shot at – so I should be happy, right? And, yet, somehow I just wasn’t. There were too many frayed ends dangling out there, too much history happening far too quickly and not fitting into four seasons’ worth of carefully laid-out continuity. I will say that upon further thought and some much-needed reflection, I have come around a bit. We’ll get to some of that later, after the recap, but for now let me just say that even though I wasn’t completely thrilled by the 100th episode, it did manage to do one thing that every successful episode of Lost must: make me think. Moving on …

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