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Lost Season 6 Poster Decoded

LOST SEASON 6 poster Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgA new poster promoting Lost’s sixth and final season recently surfaced on the Internet—and in addition to a line up of the cast, both past and present, it contains some hieroglyphics to consider. PM sent the poster to Dr. James Allen, Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chair of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies at Brown University—the man who gave the first indication that the mysterious four-toed statue was not Anubis, as many had assumed, but Taweret, the half-hippo, half-croc Egyptian goddess who protected mothers and infants. Allen had this to say about the poster: “The hieroglyphs spell out two Egyptian words, meaning ‘Who is the guide?’ or ‘Who is the leader?'” We’ll leave the interpretation of that up to you.

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Lost - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Taweret Statue

Lost masterminds Carlton Cuse and Damen Lindelof dop hints about how ABC hit drama will end

Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been dropping hints about how the show will end next spring. Among the mysteries unravelled in the very last episode will be the significance of the four-toed statue, what the Smoke Monster really is and who the skeletons in the cave were. (We reckon Egyptian fertility goddess Taweret, conscience and Penny & Desmond respectively, for what it’s worth!)
Says Cuse: “The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster.  We’ll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot. At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny.”

Sunday Mercury

Lost - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Taweret Statue

Interesting theory on Juliet’s connection to the Island

I read Juliet1979Elizabeth‘s theory on spoilertv forum and I agree with what she wrote. She thinks that the pregnancy’s problems are connected to Juliet and she explains how. We know that the statue is Taweret and it has been confirmed by ABC. This is her theory:

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