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Tubey Awards | Let’s Vote

V got a nomination for the best new show, but also for the worst one, so vote for it as the best new show and vote for something else (I’m sure there are worst shows than V) as worst new show.

Same thing with Juliet & Sawyer (Best couple and worst couple)! Last year Tubey Awards’ stuff gave us the first place. There are also further nominations for LOST, so check through the pages and vote here!

Thanks Nanda for the headp-up!

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EW TV Season Finale Awards

Best Non Romantic Cliff-hanger

5. TIE: Red sky on V; Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters

Best Kiss

Jack and Kate, Lost

Though the Sawyer-and-Juliet delegation was passionate, Jack and Kate took the title by 78 votes.

2. Sawyer and Juliet, Lost

Top Tissue Moment

Jack’s death, with Vincent lying beside him

The dog put Jack’s passing over the top — by 12 votes.
2. The entire finale, Lost
3. Charlie and Claire’s reunion, Lost
4. Jack and friends ”move on,” Lost
5. Sawyer and Juliet’s reunion, Lost

Source: EW

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Reports from London about Elizabeth at the Apple Store

  • She is super tall, granted, she was wearing some ridiculously high Leboutins, but still, tall. And GORGEOUS. And her legs don’t end. And I became a little lot less straight.
  • Liz doesn’t read the blogs/intewebs/reviews/what have you. Apparently she read something recently where someone said she was ‘the most overrated actress EVAR’, and not that she can’t handle criticism, but that’s kind of rude, yo. This means I don’t have to worry about her reading any of the stuff I write here at ontd_lost lol.
  • She looked at everyone while they were talking and would get so involved like she was having a personal conversation with them. And was very touchy feely. She would touch whoever she was talking to, including the interviewer. It was cute.
  • She’s a huge sci fi nerd, I mean, we already knew that, but she was talking about how she loves BSG. Oh, and she watches Dexter.
  • She said she’d rather have her character hated than people be all ‘eh, whatever’, so take that Juliet haters!
  • She talked about how much she loved working with Memerson and always trying to make him break character.

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The Top Ten ‘Lost’ Episodes | Review

The series comes to a close in ‘The End’
The most emotional episode in series history. While “The End” didn’t deliver the answers many were hoping for, it delivered the resolutions that the show needed

Time finally stops spinning for the Lostaways in ‘LaFleur’
The strongest episode of Season 5, “LaFleur” is a perfect mix of time travel, character work, and the unexpected addition of one of the show’s most surprising romances.

Source: Zap2it

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Darlton: The Meaning of Lost

“‘The X-Files’ wasn’t about aliens invading, but about the relationship between Scully and Mulder, the balance between faith and science,” Lindelof said. “(‘Lost’) is about people who are metaphorically lost in their lives and get on an airplane and crash on an island and become physically lost on Earth. Once they are metaphysically able to find themselves in their lives again, they will physically find themselves back in the world again. When you look at the entire show, that’s what it will look like and that’s what it’s always been about.”

In the minds of those who cared more about seeing Claire and Charlie, Jin and Sun, Juliet and Sawyer and Sayid and Shannon joined in forever-after bliss courtesy of island caretaker Hurley — who ends up with his own happily-ever-after — the show ended on the perfect note. As for the mysteries, those can wait for another day.

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