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Lost’s Finale, One Year Later: Do You Forgive?

This is another article to celebrate Lost‘s finale one year later.

To mark the anniversary of the Lost series finale, maybe it’s time to “go baaaaack!” and ask ourselves anew: Did it satisfy, imperfections (as perceived by some) and all?

I’m not a DVD person per se, though my IKEA home entertainment unit (which I believe was made by some of the people who produce The Killing) is filled to the brim with TV-show screeners and freebies. Instead, I choose to keep at the ready, just a button-mashing away, a handful of DVR’d favorites — the two-and-a-half-hour Lost series finale among them.

The last time I cued up “The End,” Parts 1 and 2, was two months ago, as I “broke in” my shiny new 55-inch Sony Bravia. Those times that I choose to revisit that mind-bending season-ender, I typically tell myself, “Just the church scenes.” And yet sure enough, time and again, I’ll follow up the end of “The End” with an umpteenth viewing of the Sawyer-Juliet candy machine encounter (“Whoa“), or the similar reconnects between Sayid and Shannon, or Claire and Charlie.

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