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TV Guide: Spoilers About Juliet In Lost Season 5

Q: I have this nagging feeling that Lost from here on will focus on the Oceanic 6, at the expense of the people – my Sawyer included! – left on the island. Please tell me I’m wrong. – Lauren

Matt: I take great pleasure in telling you that you are wrong. I then laugh derisively in your general direction. Have no fear, Lauren, the left-behinders will get plenty of air time. In fact, a (probably well-tanned) setsider tells me that Elizabeth Mitchell, for one, has never had more to do and as such is busier than a one-armed paperhanger. But is she getting busy with Your Sawyer? That’s the question.

Source: TV Guide

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TV Guide Mega Buzz on Lost

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 3 (5).jpgI know Skaters and Jaters are asking about their Lost couples, but please don’t ignore us Jacketeers! Is there hope for a Jack-Juliet reunion? Tamuna
Matt: Hope? Sure. It’s just a matter of where (back on the island, I can only assume) and when (perhaps as early as this coming season, at least one source tells me). And for those fretting about Elizabeth Mitchell’s future with the show, I am assured that Juliet figures very heavily into Season 5. Me, I see her and Sawyer (wet and shirtless or even dry and clothed) taking charge as Locke and his band of worshippers move forth with whatever cockamamy plan they have in mind.

TV Guide

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Lost | Nice Comment About Juliet

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Lost4x14Clip1_xvid0000111.jpegMy guess is that the island “move” put Locke and Co. into the proximity of—or at least the neighborhood of—some hostile folk, and that Locke had to leave the island to urge the others to come back to set things right. Also, even though you had a few old unfamiliars on the island, there still could be factional violence between the now Locke-led others (who are really “Others” now, right? They don’t age? Why do they need a leader?) and the three new castaways, plus Juliet and Sawyer (he really does get all the good women, doesn’t he, Jack?).

So, yeah, I love this show.

Source: popularmechanics

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NY Post: “Here are 10 reasons why we love “Lost’ again”

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3x22 Through the Looking Glass Elizabeth Mitchell (4).jpg8. More sexual tension: The love quadrangle between Jack and Kate, Kate and Sawyer, and Jack and Juliet promises delicious complications, with Jack telling Kate he loves her, Sawyer asking Kate to shack up with him on the island and Juliet saving the day for Jack.

Source: NY Post

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The Seattle Time Interview: “Lost star found in our backyard”

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April 11, 2007

season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell (4).jpgLost” star found in our backyard
by Florangela Davila

Show of hands from those who’ve stopped whining about “Lost” in its hour-later time slot. Now, who isn’t thoroughly enjoying this brainteaser of a ride? The clever serial drama, firmly in its third season, is too good to TiVo. (The better to talk about it Thursday a.m.)

Now, a revelation that’ll connect you to the show even more: A Lostie lives among us.

She is Elizabeth Mitchell, evil — or is she? — Juliet. That “Other”/fertility doc who kept Jack captive, torturing him with her knowledge of his past, and feeding him grilled sandwiches. She ends up helping Kate and Sawyer escape, gets thisclose to being executed (she’s branded instead) and appears to be Jack’s newest best friend. Then last week we saw her expelled from Other-land, unconscious and then, out-of-sorts in the jungle, cuffed to none other than Kate. A muddy messy fight ensued. Meow.

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Dallas Star Telegram Interview: “Mitchell’s glad to still be an Other”

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February 07, 2007

Piyal Hosain Portrait Session October 22 2006 (11).jpgMitchell’s glad to still be an Other
Elizabeth Mitchell is the enigmatic Juliet on ABC’s Lost.

The first time Dallas-reared actress Elizabeth Mitchell’s name appeared in the Star- Telegram, it was in a 1992 review of a Theatre Three production of Amateurs. “Mitchell’s role is hardly one-dimensional as written,” then-theater critic Perry Stewart wrote, “but the actress adds considerable depth. She is a rare combination of arresting beauty and finely honed wit.”

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