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20 “Lost” Scene That Made Us Cry | Review


”The Incident” (Season 5, Episode 16)
Juliet had helped make Sawyer a better man, which won her our hearts — and helped us forget her beginning as a mole for the Others. It was hard enough that she paid the price to course-correct Jack’s scheme, but Sawyer’s face just took us over the edge.


”What Kate Does” (Season 6, Episode 3)
There was such a huge chasm between Sawyer and Kate on the dock as he mourned Juliet. The lone wolf had reverted back as he insulated himself from the pain, and the tears streaming down Kate’s face reflected those on ours.

Source: EW

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Discussion Thread about Lost Finale

I thought to open a thread here for posting our thoughts about LOST’s finale, Juliet and whatever you want to talk about, your hopes and your expetations… and what you’re doing right now while you’re waiting for the great event. Are you planning to see it with family or friends? Are you organizing anything special for the last episode of our favourite series? Let’s talk about it!

Please do no post spoilers for people who don’t want to know anything about the finale!

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TV Guide’s Interview with Elizabeth about Juliet

It might contain spoilers.

Lost: Will We Get to See Sawyer and Juliet Go Dutch for Coffee?

Ever since the Season 6 premiere of Lost, fans wondered what Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) meant when she offered a coffee date to Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in which they could go Dutch. With the series coming to an end Sunday, TVGuide.com caught up with Mitchell to find out whether Juliet and Sawyer will be reunited and whether she’s satisfied with the conclusion of her storyline.

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LOST | The top ‘Lost’ characters of all time

Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell): There was always a calculating intelligence about this character, who turned up as one of the Others in Season 3. What was she up to and what did she want with Jack? Through the story of her sister’s illness we got a window into this reserved character’s very private pain. Elizabeth Mitchell gave Juliet such an enthralling mixture of reserve and stoic turmoil, and that’s why it was so wonderful when she unexpectedly found love with Sawyer — who knew those characters would have such indelible chemistry? If the island time shenanigans allow those two meet just one more time (maybe for a coffee date?), all the brain-melting physics will have been worth it.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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Press and Guide Interview with Elizabeth about Juliet

When Elizabeth Mitchell was offered the role of Dr. Juliet Burke — a “motherly sociopath” — who debuted in the third season, she jumped at the chance to work with “Lost” creators J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, and Damon Lindelof.

 “(Juliet) was an abused person … basically doing the best she could under horrific and extraordinary circumstances. By the time, Jack and Sawyer come along, she was so far down a dark path that it took her quite a bit longer than it might normally would for her to swim towards the light, towards who she actually was, which I believe was a pretty decent person,” explained Mitchell. “It was just an interesting study in what could happen to someone’s humanity once it starts to get stripped away. I loved Juliet. I always did. I always thought she was fantastic. Even when people thought she was the creepiest thing they’ve ever seen, I still thought she was pretty cool.”

When asked what made “Lost” such a runaway hit, Mitchell offered: “I’d like to think that the writers had a vision and they stayed true to that vision … We got to see it and I think that made it really fun. I think it was a wonderful mix of actors and that’s not including myself. The characters they created were so strong and so interesting. It was a situation where we all in our lives thought, ‘How would we ever do this? How would that ever happen?’ All of that wish fulfillment seemed to happen on camera. I believed them. I believed all these people. You couldn’t help but identify with someone. I think that’s what made it work… That’s what made it work for me, but everyone else is different.”

Source: Press and Guide

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LOST | Great Mention to Elizabeth

In this article they are concerned about Lost finale, whether or not it will be satisflying. There is a nice mention to Elizabeth I think it worths to post.

[But then the next day I woke up and felt silly. I’m just watching a free TV show that has provided many hours of viewing entertainment and countless more of theorizing with friends and wasting work days reading Doc Jensen and The Tail Section. If the show’s mythology does come down to a rudimentary rumination on faith, well… so be it. I’ll still have loved the entire first season, I’ll still have covered my eyes when barefooted Others first walked by, still marveled at Elizabeth Mitchell’s coolly brilliant acting. Lost was a great show! And it’s still a pretty good one. Plus it’s not even over yet, I could yet be satisfied. Why be so mad? What do they—Them, the Lost powers that be, the true Others — really owe me, or any of us, anyway?

Source: Defamer

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LOST | Quadrangle Mention

2. Will Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack (Matthew Fox) end up together?

The Sam and Diane of “Lost,” Kate and Jack have fallen in and out of love. When they had gotten off the Island, they lived together for a while and even flirted with the idea of marriage.

Along the way, there were complications. Kate hooked up with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Jack had a thing with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), but they always come back to each other. Will they get to live happily ever after as a couple? We hope so.

3. Will Sawyer and Juliet end up together in the alternate universe?

Juliet is dead on the Island. But the beauty of the parallel world is that things that went wrong on the Island seem to rectify themselves. Here’s hoping that Team Sawyer and Juliet is a wrong made right.

Source: detnews

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See Magazine’s Interview with Elizabeth about Juliet

This is a great interview about her, Juliet, Suliet and Josh Holloway! Read it all! It’s just a bit spoilering, but no really if you know who is coming back. 🙂 She’s absolutely adorable. And oh I’ve loved Juliet since the first moment I saw her on screen and I agree with Elizabeth I don’t get how people couldn’t see she wasn’t bad.

Lost But Not Forgotten
Elizabeth Mitchell shares her thoughts on Lost, V, and kissing Josh Holloway

Lo, behold the power of pop culture.

Picture me, sitting on my couch in my living room in Edmonton chatting on the phone with a complete stranger (no, it doesn’t matter what either of us is wearing — fill that in for yourselves).  My phone mate is sitting on her couch, in her living room on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and we’re chatting about our mutual friend, Juliet.

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