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Lost | 10 Burning Questions: Is Juliet Really Gone?

6x01-promo70.jpg1. Is Juliet Really Gone?

No… and yes. The sixth season of Lost introduced the concept of parallel worlds. In one world, Jack and Co. never crashed on the Island. In fact, in this world, the Island has been sunk. In the other world, all the castaways are now back on the Island in 2007 following a trippy time travel adventure. In this world, Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) is dead, having met her demise in the season premiere. Lost exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof hint that we may see Juliet again this season — presumably in the non-crash reality. (Missing Mitchell? Tune in to ABC’s V).

Source: EW

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When is Juliet coming back to ‘Lost’?

My inability to talk about anything other than “Lost” this week might be annoying my friends, but thankfully I’m surrounded by 815 equally passionate fans right here on PopWrap. Can I get a cluck-cluck? Anyhoo, the beyond amazing Elizabeth Mitchell chatted with TVGuide.com about her role in the show’s final season, but before we go any further, allow me to say, spoilers ahead!

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Sawyer - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Suliet

Interview with Liz | Juliet May Be Dead, But She’s Not Gone

This is another spoilering interview I guess. I haven’t finished to read it all. I gotta go out, but I’ll be back soon.

Poor Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell). As if falling into the Swan hatch and exploding the bomb wasn’t enough of a sendoff at the close of Lost‘s Season 5, she died in the final season opener in Sawyer’s arms — after a final kiss and a mysterious message. While fans are still mourning the loss of Dr. Burke, TVGuide.com jumped on the phone with Mitchell, who’s shooting ABC’s alien-invasion drama V in Vancouver. The 39-year-old actress says that Juliet may be dead, but Mitchell is returning to Hawaii soon as the show winds down. So who was Juliet asking to coffee? What does “it worked” mean?

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Interview | Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She’s Coming Back to Lost

Hey guys, this interview contains spoilers but it’s the best thing I have ever read in … I don’t know how lomg. Anyway, if you’re sad and depressed about what happened, read it!!! Post a comment and your theory here, if you feel in the mood. 🙂


Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She’s Coming Back to Lost—Perhaps for Kissing and Coffee With Sawyer?

Whoever invented Elizabeth Mitchell should get a medal, because they did a good, good thing. We just caught up with the adorable Ms. Mitchell for a quick debrief on Juliet’s demise last night on Lost, and we learned why that agonizing death scene is not the last we’ll see of the good Dr. Burke after all.

Read on for our interview, where Elizabeth confirms your fan theories about what Juliet knew at the end and why, plus how she and Josh Holloway fell for each other as friends offscreen while their characters were in love onscreen, and whom she thinks Sawyer should be with in the end…

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Damon Lindelof about Elizabeth

Damon, you needed to think twice before firing her. Don’t point the finger on V now. It’s only your fault. It contains spoilers!

What can you say about Elizabeth Mitchell’s return?

Damon Lindelof: We can say that she is going to be on the show this season, a couple of times, but obviously because of the success of V and because she shoots it in Canada, we’ve been a little bit limited in how much we can use her. But, the good news is that she’s been amazing in letting us execute our version of the show with her. That’s something that we presented to her when we told her, “Hey, you’re falling into a hole and sustaining some rather significant injuries, and we’ve got some plans for you in the next season that will allow you to go and do another show, but we hope you continue to stay with us for a little bit.” She was awesome.

Lies since they first decided to kill her and then after the fans reactions called her back.


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Cuse & Lindelof about the Quadrangle

TVGuide.com: Is Kate going to end up with Jack or Sawyer or end up alone?
Cuse: Well, we know what’s going to happen to her, but we’re not going to tip what’s happening to her. But we definitely know what the resolutions of the characters are and we know that people care a lot about the Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Juliet quadrangle and that will be something that you’ll definitely get some resolution on this season.
Lindelof: And I think it’s great that you actually present that Kate might end up alone as an option, because a lot of people say, “Is it going to be Jack or is it going to be Sawyer?” But that presupposes way too many things that they’re not fully aware of in the final season. So there may be a couple of other options that are in play that people aren’t considering yet.

Source: TV GUIDE

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