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Another Elizabeth and Juliet’s mention

As nice as it was to see Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) back in action, I would have much preferred a brief return from Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke, the clear and present embodiment of Sawyer’s feelings of failure. Since Juliet’s final words had something to do with coffee and a police officer, however, a sideways reunion might not be too far down the road.

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More Reviews about LOST 6×08

Those of us hoping for Sawyer’s coffee date with Juliet? Disappointed.

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Sawyer has fallen deeply in love with Juliet (and is now too consumed with grief to really be into the whole Freckles phenomenon)
And the scene they chose, of Charles Ingalls reassuring Laura about death, and saying you hold memories of your lost loved ones until you see them again, has me wondering if it’s going to foreshadow some kind of Sawyer sacrifice so he can get back with Juliet.

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Sawyer meets Kate at the fire. He tells Kate his plan is to get Flocke and Widmore fighting and take the sub and her off the island.
(Sorry Skaters, that was not a romantic moment. Survival != Love. There is no chance for that couple any more.)

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Review about Elizabeth and Juliet

Evangeline Lilly isn’t the show’s strongest actor, but that’s no insult — few actors are as good or as charismatic as Terry O’Quinn or Michael Emerson or Elizabeth Mitchell. When it comes to Kate and my lack of interest in her, I fault “Lost’s” writing more than anything else. Maybe another actor could have made Kate’s story intrinsically interesting all the way from Season 1 to Season 6, but I somehow doubt it.

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A mention in a Recon’s review:

[…]present Sideways James Ford as every bit the slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing criminal as his Island iteration, but then revealed himself to be a… slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing cop. There was no Juliet in his life, and we were made to ponder if that made all the difference.[…]

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LOST: Spoiler about Juliet | Interview with Elizabeth

Last time we saw Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) on ABC’s Lost, she was dying in the arms of her true love, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), after being pulled from the bottom of the destroyed Dharma Swan station and after telling Sawyer, “I have to tell you something important.” That was in “LAX,” the two-part opener to the sixth and last season, which is now airing.

So will we see Juliet again? (Big spoilers ahead!)

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Latest from Ausiello | LOST Spoiler

Question: Since I got you some scoop, how about some Lost scoop in return? —Antonio

Ausiello: Thanks for keeping me plugged-in, Antonio. Here’s your Lost scoop: If you’re expecting the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle to move front and center during these final 10 episodes, it may be time to start managing those expectations. “We’re moving into the endgame of the show [and] the stakes have moved beyond, ‘Who’s Kate going to pick?’ and into, ‘Is anyone going to be left alive?,’ says executive producer Damon Lindelof. “I hope [viewers are] going to be satisfied with what we’re doing, but we’re not writing a romance novel here. I understand in seasons past how that was much more relevant. We’re not neglecting it, but there’s a lot of fish to fry. The elements of the love triangle — Kate’s relationship with Jack, her relationship with Sawyer, Sawyer’s relationship with Juliet, who’s dead — are a huge part of the season. All that stuff is in play.”

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LOST: Totally Lost Theory and What Lindelof said

They talk about Juliet:

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke


This is what Lindelof said about David’s mom:

Who’s the mother of Jack’s musical prodigy son, David? Julie Bowen, the actor who played Jack’s ex-wife in previous flashbacks, told reporters at Paley’s Modern Family event that she thinks she’s the mom. Others think it could be Juliet. Lindelof is just amused that it has become such a source of speculation.

“If it’s relevant to the story who David’s mother is, we will answer it,” Lindelof said. “But its relevance is yet to be determined. What’s relevant to us might not be relevant to you and vice versa. What’s irrelevant to us might be very relevant to you, but we’re writing our version of the show, and we can’t really be put in a position to apologize for it. We’ll take our lumps, but at the end of the day, we all know and we’ve said publicly on many, many occasions that we can’t possibly answer every question that people have.”

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LOST: Who Is Jack’s Baby Mama on Lost? | Spoilers

Nothing really new, but I have to post this because Elizabeth is so beautiful in this picture! LOL! 🙂

Julie Bowen, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost
In case you haven’t heard, Julie Bowen is made of 100 percent Awesome Sauce.

How do I know this? She actually threw her purse and gasped when I asked her the question on every Lost fan’s mind: Who is the mother of Jack’s (Matthew Fox) just-revealed son? (You gotta love a girl who loses her cool—especially when it comes to Lost!)

So who is the baby mama? Is it Julie’s character Sara? Or Kate? Or Juliet? Rose? (OK, probably not.)

Keep reading for what a “scandalized” Julie (and see the purse toss!), as well as what executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have to say. Plus, much more scoop on shows like Modern Family, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy and more…

Randy in New York: The mother of Jack’s son David has to be Sara (Julie Bowen), right?

Sorry, love, but I have it on good authority that was not Julie in the photo. And the evidence is very much stacked against Julie Bowen being the mom:

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