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Emilie De Ravin and Elizabeth on LOST next season

The producers of Lost have confirmed that Emilie De Ravin is returning to the series.  The actress, who plays Claire in the ABC series, will reportedly make a comeback as a full-time series regular for the show’s final season.”Damon [Lindelof] and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show,” said executive producer Carlton Cuse. “And even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.”

It was recently announced that Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to the series in her role as Juliet Burke.


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Lost masterminds Carlton Cuse and Damen Lindelof dop hints about how ABC hit drama will end

Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been dropping hints about how the show will end next spring. Among the mysteries unravelled in the very last episode will be the significance of the four-toed statue, what the Smoke Monster really is and who the skeletons in the cave were. (We reckon Egyptian fertility goddess Taweret, conscience and Penny & Desmond respectively, for what it’s worth!)
Says Cuse: “The end of the show will be a combination of trying to answer mysteries the audience still cares about, such as the statue and the Smoke Monster.  We’ll also be answering the skeletons in the cave question. We will answer the questions we feel are important and central to the plot. At the same time we will be trying to tell redemption stories about the characters. These characters do indeed have a destiny.”

Sunday Mercury

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‘Lost’ scoop: Juliet mystery (sort of) solved

And now for some news that should surprise no one: ABC is expected to announce tomorrow that it has picked up a reboot of the camptastic ’80s thriller V and that Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell is a full-time castmember.
Translation: She will not be returning to Lost as a series regular.
However, before you go declaring Juliet DOA from last week’s detonated hydrogen bomb, I should point out that this piece of scoop comes with a big but attached: Mitchell’s Lost days are not done. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it’s entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way. (Check out Doc Jensen’s column this Wednesday for a comprehensive Juliet theorypalooza.)
What do you think happened to Juliet? And are you as bummed as I am that we’ll be seeing less of her next season? Sound off below!

Post a comment on how much you want Juliet alive here: EW – AUSIELLO FILES and VOTE for Juliet on DARK UFO. | Thank you Stef for the headup!!!!

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Getting LOST – The Finale

ABC’s Lost may be over for the season, but Getting Lost just keeps on getting… Lost. In this week’s installment:

  • I reveal your assorted predictions about how the season finale would end, and then rip open the envelope and reveal my own: “The whole damn island blows up.”
  • Fortuitously, I ran my prediction by Michael Emerson when I spoke to him the other day. Hear what he had to say about how the “explosive” ending means for the show’s final 17 episodes — starting with the Season 6 premiere.
  • Is Juliet definitely a goner? The fate of her fall pilot set aside, I remind you what Elizabeth Mitchell teased about the season finale’s apparent death.
  • This week’s Burning Question concerns what Jacob told “UnLocke” just before he “flamed” out. Give it a listen, and then send your best theory to


5x16 Incident 1 - 5x17 Incident 2 - Death - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Season 6 Spoilers

Latest from Kristin | LOST Spoilers

Can you tell me if Elizabeth Mitchell will appear on Lost in season six? She was my favorite actress on the show, and I think after last night, I may have died a little on the inside. Thank you!

Sources confirm that Elizabeth Mitchell will appear on Lost next year. But does that mean Juliet’s alive and a going concern on the show? Well, we’re meant to debate all summer who lived and died in the Lost finale, but you will note that she fell hundreds of feet into the waiting arms of a hydrogen bomb. You’ll have to do your own calculations about her realistic prospects for survival—there are many variables to include in your equation!—but we’ve been asked nicely not to show you our answers. Good luck.


5x16 Incident 1 - 5x17 Incident 2 - Death - Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Season 6 Spoilers