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Comic-Con: Elizabeth Mitchell Interview | “V” will air in November

SAN DIEGO — Elizabeth Mitchell whose character Juliet on “Lost” was a part of the cliffhanger season finale, took a few moments to talk about her role on “Lost” as well as her new show “V,” also on ABC, in which she plays a single mom FBI agent named Erica.

Word of caution: spoilers for “LOST” and “V” to follow.

On the nature of “LOST” and her character’s fate:
“My theory is what it always has been–that it’s some kind of place where people who have done bad things go to redeem themselves. But I could be wrong, but that’s what I’ve always thought. With or without me, or with me as the case may be.”

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LOST panel – videos

In LOST Panel Part 3 there is the question about Juliet:

Male fan: I just want you to know that I cried like a sissy when Juliet fell and if there is any guy in here that would tell you differently, they’re lying to you, I promise! So I need to know if she is ok. And if she is not, can you make her ok? Damon: Well again, I think this all returns to the idea of whether or not her detonating the bomb had the desired effect. I mean if it did, my guess is that she will be ok and if it didn’t work then probably prognosis is not so great, considering the fall. But I think we can say here that Elizabeth Mitchell will be in LOST in the final season. Carlton: Yes!

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Josh Holloway on Suliet

UPDATE (26/7/09)

“Wow, I think he’s pretty destroyed, so I think he’s going to be back to all of that growth just kind of ripped away,” Holloway said in a group interview. “He’s going to be a bit salty, which I’m looking forward to. I’m not really sure. All I know is he’s destroyed and has given up on life again having any positive lessons. So watch out.”

“That’ll be a tricky line to play, actually, because it’s a tricky line with hating life now again with everything gone and what he’s already learned. Whether you like it or not, your soul grows. So I think he’s going to be walking that line of completely salty, yet you’ll see some inkling of heartbreak in there, maybe. Maybe hopefully some redemption in the end, something will come through. Me and Hurley will hook up and live happily ever after.”

Resolution for Sawyer was temporary with Juliet. Now he’s only got 16 more episodes to find it again. “I think she was his redemption, so he’s starting over with some growth that he can’t deny,” he said. “So he won’t really start over, but he’ll start over from that point. She was his redemption. That was his only real, in his world, his only real shot at a love that might work, not just a volatile love that him and Kate have. He just has to accept life as it is and not turn everything into ‘Yeah, I told you so.’ That growth is going to have to settle in and not be forgotten just because of the tragedy that’s happened. I hope that’s his journey through this last season, is from hate and negativity to finally resolve in the end, that it wasn’t all for nothing. That’s what I hope.”


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LOST Panel – Damon confirms: Elizabeth will be part of season 6

[…]They also seemed to confirm that Elizabeth Mitchell (whose character, Juliet, was NOT in an in memoriam segment screened at panel’s end) and Jeremy Davies would put in appearances in the final season and hinted that several others who haven’t been around for a while would turn up as well. […]

Source: AVCLUB

[…]After another fan admitted that he cried “like a sissy” when Juliet fell down the well at the end of season five, Lindelof confirmed that actress Elizabeth Mitchell would appear in the final season, although he didn’t say if that meant she was still alive in the current timeline. (Mitchell is also a regular on another new ABC series, V, which debuts in midseason right along with Lost.)[…]


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“Elizabeth Mitchell says she will be back on ‘Lost’ next season”

Elizabeth Mitchell may be at Comic-Con to help promote V, her upcoming drama for ABC this fall, but that doesn’t mean she’s done talking about Lost. Lingering questions still remain about Mitchell’s heart-wrenching demise as Juliet last spring, specifically: Is that really the last time we will hear from her character? Mitchell, speaking to EW exclusively on the Comic-Con floor, says she understands all the interest in Juliet’s future whereabouts. “I don’t have closure,” she said. “I love closure and will be happy for it when it comes.” Which means? Juliet’s storyline “hasn’t really reached its end yet,” Mitchell hinted. “There are other things happening in the next season.”

In fact, Mitchell was apparently assured that there was room for both V and Lost if Team Darlton — aka Lost honchos Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse — wanted her back in Hawaii. “I had to ask if V succeeded, does that mean I would be on Lost less? [She learned] I’ll be on Lost the same amount. Lost is the best…with their schedule. They actually told me what it is. It’s very exciting. All the [V and Lost] producers are really good at talking to each other.”

Even one of her co-stars encouraged Mitchell to pursue the gig on V. Mitchell said Evangeline Lilly (Kate) read the script and gave it a thumbs up. ABC is expected to announce a premiere date for V, a series version of the memorable miniseries of the same name, within the next month.

Source: EW

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