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TV Guide Scans – August 2009

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Elizabeth: “They haven’t really told me how many episodes I’ll be doing, ABC said they’d work it out.”

Josh: “Juliet coming back is exciting.”
Josh: “It would destroy Sawyer. It would bring him right back to where we he started.”

Credits: Dark Ufo – Thanks Stef!

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Lost Creators Promise Definite Ending

The creators of Lost have ruled out any spin-offs into movies or comic books once the genre-bending show comes to an end next year.

At a Bafta event, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said they owed it to US network ABC and the fans for the sixth series to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

Lindelof said: “We won’t be vague and ambiguous – there will be a lot of answers. We feel that if we hold anything back in the final season, it would be bad. Everyone’s come this far and they want a conclusion to the story. We’ve no plans to continue the story of Lost beyond series six. My wife says ‘never say never’. I say ‘never’.”

Talking about the pressures facing them as they prepared to enter production on the sixth and final series, they promised it would not feature the complex time travel elements of series five. Instead, it would feel “more like series one”, Cuse promised, adding: “There’s a circularity to the show.”

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Josh Holloway’s interview – about Suliet

So were you actually redeemed, or is redemption coming this time?
Josh: Well, I think she was his redemption, and now that’s been ripped away. So, I think he’s starting over, but with some growth that he can’t deny. You know what I mean? So he won’t really start over; he’ll start over from that point. But, she was his redemption. That was his only real, I think, in his world, his only real shot at love that might work. Not just a volatile love like him and Kate had, but one that actually might…That was his hoo-rah to try it and now that’s gone, he’s done.

Do you think there’s significance to the fact that Sawyer and Kate’s relationship was largely shown on screen, where as Juliet and Sawyer’s relationship was sort of told but not shown?
Josh: I can tell you the significance of that as an actor was I was cussing like hell when I got those scenes. “We have three scenes to make this work?” Me and Kate got a few seasons to earn that relationship, right? So we were really skeptical. Elizabeth and I both were like, “Oh man, how’re we going to do this?” And we were both very nervous about not having time to earn it and for the audience to buy it. And it’s one of the first times they did a flash three years later; it’s always been day to day. So that is the only saving grace of that in there, it allowed us to make it sink in as a possibility. And also it was an interesting – it is different. Because you don’t need to show a relationship that’s working, it’s not as dramatic. It’s the first time he actually experienced a relationship that worked like a normal relationship might. Which is not so dramatic on film. So better to let it permeate that way. And then Kate now is, of course, more volatile and day-to-day and tit for tat. So that’s more dramatic, I think. So yes, that may be significant.

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway - Juliet Burke - Lost - Quadrangle - Sawyer - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - Suliet

Elizabeth Mitchell talks ‘Lost’, ‘V’

In our final instalment from this year’s Comic-Con (tissues at the ready), we’re servicing all the Lost and/or V fans out there courtesy of the delightful Elizabeth Mitchell. Hopefully you’ve already read our live Lost blog, and may have a few burning questions. How long is Juliet back for? How is Mitchell’s new character, Erica, different from Juliet? As ever, read on to find out!

With V, what potential do you see for storytelling?
“One of the reasons I chose it is because I don’t like to be bored. I truly belive that it’s almost limitless. You always have a lot of interpersonal relationships. I even haven’t met – on camera – half of the actors that I’m working with. You have things that are the way they are now, and then they could go in any different direction. I cannot stand when things go into a formula – I like things to be active, I like to be interested, and I like things to be sexy.”

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - V