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LOST Rumor about Elizabeth Mitchell

This rumor is about Elizabeth, not about Juliet, but it could be considered a spoiler so… [SPOILERS] It seems that Elizabeth was on a flight for Hawaii yesterday.

Lost spoiler alert: Elizabeth Mitchell is on our flight.
8:39 AM Sep 17th from Tweetie

Source: Twitter | Thanks so much Ben_DeRoy for the head up!

NOTE: There is no confirmation if this is true. For now it’s just a rumor.

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LOST: Season 6 Teaser Promo

They showed the trailer at D23 Expo. It contains a small spoiler at the end.

Video no longer available.

If you notice the last scene from “The Incident” is very different from the one we saw in the aired episode. This is not the first time we see scenes from different points of view. Season 5 is full of them. As Jack Bender said they did it on purpose. Carlton said Season 6 won’t be about flashforwards or time travel, it will be about something else…

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LOST: TV Guide (September 14) Scan

This scan is spoilering, so don’t click if you don’t want to know. The quote from Elizabeth is from some interview made during the Comic Con so maybe you have already read it.

tv guide sept 14 elizabeth mitchell spoiler season 6 lost.jpg

Elizabeth: “I hope that when she comes back, she can give Sawyer a really very good reason for going on.”

Source: Dark Ufo | Thanks Stef for the head up!

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LOST 6×01: Major Spoilers

Looks like things pick up immediately after Juliet hits the bomb because the construction site looks like the Swan after it got sucked in. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Jin were there. Saw Sawyer upset over Juliet’s actions and runs toward the hole which is now stuffed with all the metal from the site. Also saw them and some stunt doubles clumb out of the hole using vines/rope.

Read more…

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