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IGN Interview | Lost: The Past and Future for Juliet

Lost: The Past and Future for Juliet – Elizabeth Mitchell talks about returning to the show in the final season.

November 4, 2009 – By now, most Lost fans are aware that while Elizabeth Mitchell will no longer be a series regular on the show in its final season — having taken on the lead role in ABC’s new series V — she will still be reprising her role as Juliet in Season 6.

Per usual on Lost, Mitchell is sworn to secrecy regarding how, where and why we will see Juliet again, but when I spoke to her recently on the set of V, she noted she’d already made some trips to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the new season, and would be returning there soon.

As to how it felt to return to the show after a short absence, Mitchell remarked, “It’s all really the same. You know, I was wondering about that… because a lot of times, people come back onto the show and I was like, ‘it must feel weird for them.’ But it didn’t. It was just, ‘Oh, hi everybody!’”

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Interview | Elizabeth Mitchell is an unlikely action hero for Lost and V

Elizabeth Mitchell is an unlikely action hero for ‘Lost’ and ‘V’
The self-professed theater nerd quickly lands on her feet after her character is seemingly killed on ‘Lost.’ She’s an FBI agent battling aliens on the new show.

Elizabeth Mitchell was wearing mismatched shoes — an Ugg on one foot, her husband’s slipper on the other. That is, until said husband — actor Chris Soldevilla — appeared, having discovered the mate to Mitchell’s sheepskin boot in the car. Dropping to one knee in the couple’s Bainbridge Island, Wash., home, he slid it onto his wife’s foot.
“My Prince Charming!” she exclaimed during a phone interview. “Look at you coming to my rescue.”

On-screen, it’s Mitchell who’s doing most of the rescuing these days. In ABC’s hotly anticipated new drama “V” — an update of the ’80s cult miniseries that premieres tonight — she’s FBI agent Erica Evans, who helps lead the charge to save humankind from an alien race made up of the preternaturally beautiful (at least on the surface).
And then, of course, there’s her role as “Lost’s” enigmatic fertility doctor Juliet who, in last May’s season finale, seemingly made the ultimate sacrifice — death by hydrogen bomb — in order to give her island cohorts a shot at rebooting their knotty lives.
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Interview | More News About Juliet and Liz’s LOST schedule

The interview is spoilering about LOST’s schedule, but there is a confirmation Liz is going to shoot a movie in L.A., so I guess it’s “Answers to Nothing“. 🙂

Last we saw Juliet on ABC’s Lost, she’d fallen to the bottom of a nasty pit, was near death and hammered on a nuclear bomb, which went off, obliterating her and the island. So … is she coming back?
“I can’t [say], because they’ve decided to do a complete blackout,” Elizabeth Mitchell, who played the character, told us exclusively last week on the set of her new show, ABC’s V. “They’re doing no press, and they’re giving no hints and no spoilers, and they’re showing no promos. So I really can’t say anything.” Ah, but when are you going back to Hawaii to shoot the sixth and last season of the show? “I believe on the 14th [of November],” Mitchell said.
There you have it.
What does this mean for Mitchell’s other gig, V? How will she balance shooting the sci-fi alien-invasion show in Vancouver, Canada, and Lost, in Hawaii?
“It seems to have worked out seamlessly so far,” Mitchell says. “And I really don’t know how. But it has.” She will finish V’s first few episodes in early November, fly to Los Angeles to do a quick movie, and then to Hawaii for Lost. She’ll be there until January, when she returns to Vancouver to do more V. That sounds like she’ll be in most of the season of Lost.
“January 20th, I think, yeah, that’s the plan,” Mitchell said.
V debuts tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Lost returns to ABC in early 2010.

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EW Interview | Elizabeth and Lost Producers talk about Juliet’s fate

This is a bit spoilering but if you ”need” to know Juliet’s fate you must read it.

Elizabeth Mitchell, ‘Lost’ producers talk about Juliet’s fate

Elizabeth Mitchell will attempt to save the world from an alien invasion in ABC’s new drama V, a reboot of the memorable 1983 miniseries that debuts tomorrow. She’s also dealing with some deadly serious business on another freaky ABC series. In Lost’s season 5 finale, Mitchell’s Juliet seemingly met her end after plunging down a hole and triggering a hydrogen bomb that may or may not have reset the timeline. SPOILER ALERT: While Lost exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirm that death becomes her (“The decision to kill Juliet was absolutely brutal,” says Lindelof), they note that she’s scheduled to appear in multiple episodes this season (“There’s still something very significant that we have not yet learned about the character,” hints Cuse). As you speculate away, enjoy these juicy quotes from Mitchell, Cuse, and Lindelof:

On shooting Juliet’s final scene in the season 5 finale:

MITCHELL: “At the time, I didn’t think I was ever coming back.  So for me it was just a really big goodbye and easily heartbreaking. It wasn’t one of those things to think about it. Also, Josh [Holloway] is really strong, so I was on this pulley, and I had them loosen the pulley so he’d really be holding me up, and it killed both of us every time. When my hand slipped from his, it was because he couldn’t hold on any longer. So that hit us with a real punch.  And then, to be trapped in that cave and to have no way of telling anybody and to be too hurt to move—who does that happen to?  Is that not your deepest, deepest nightmare? So that was very easy to play because it was so big…. We were all broken-hearted and crying quite a bit.  Evangeline [Lilly] couldn’t have been more supportive about all of it.  Everyone came to say goodbye.  I think Jorge [Garcia] brought champagne. It was a cathartic and amazing experience.”

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Comic Con | The Point Radio’s Audio Interview

Nothing new actually, the interview was recorded during the Comic Con. You can listen and download it by clicking on the icon below:

Elizabeth Mitchell


The Point Radio: Elizabeth Mitchell Gives The ‘V’ | The Journey From LOST to Life With The Visitors

With her character on LOST left to an uncertain fate, it’s great to see that ELIZABETH MITCHELL is back and kicking alien butt in ABC’s new V mini-series. She shares the road from that Island to dealing with The Visitors in the first part of our backstage visit to V.

Source: ComicMiX |  Thanks Lexi!

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Star Telegram Interview with Elizabeth about LOST and V

NOTE: It might contain spoilers.

‘V’ star Elizabeth Mitchell getting kick out of action role

Elizabeth Mitchell, star of the new ABC series V, loves science fiction because it’s a genre in which “anything is possible.”

“It can be enjoyable, escapist entertainment,” says Mitchell, who spent the past three TV seasons on the island of Lost, “but then you can look beneath the surface and find all kinds of interesting, high-minded things going on.”

And speaking of anything being possible, Mitchell says, how about the fact that she has morphed into a TV action hero?

“At the age of 39,” the Dallas native says, “it’s fun to be the one who carries a gun and kicks butt. I love it.”

Mitchell plays Erica Evans, an FBI counterterrorism agent who is among the first to recognize that highly advanced “Visitors” from another world have devious intentions hidden behind their message of peace.

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