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E!: The 50 Greatest TV Couples Ever: Sawyer and Juliet, Lost

Juliet and Sawyer made it into E!Online list of “The 50 Greatest TV Couples Ever”. <3

Sawyer and Juliet, Lost

They not only killed the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet quadrangle, they obliterated it to the point that we forgot it was ever a thing.

Love love love the description! HAHA! 😀 Totally deserved!

After all these years, we can’t help but staring at this photo from “LaFleur”. BEAUTIFUL!

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Damon Lindelof About Juliet & Sawyer and Elizabeth

3x22 Through the Looking Glass Elizabeth Mitchell (4).jpgThis is the part about Juliet&Sawyer and Elizabeth from a 2014 interview with Damon Lindelof:

3. Storyline you didn’t think the fans would love, but they did.
Putting Sawyer and Juliet together. The “LeFleur” episode where we essentially said, we’re not going to give the fans the opportunity to see them flirting with each other and developing feelings over time…we’re just going to stuff it down their faces. We’re going to do a time card so like, they basically travel back in time and then the next time we see them, all within in the span of the same episode, they’ve been living amongst the Dharma initiative for a period of time, and they are now together and they are into each other.

And so it was just sort of like, this is not a build. It’s a law. It has happened. We got excited about that story because we loved Elizabeth Mitchell so much, but as we started talking about it, both Josh [Holloway] and Elizabeth were not happy. They were like, ‘Hey guys, we love you, we trust you, but it ain’t gonna work.’ And Elizabeth was just saying, ‘There is just no chemistry between us, I love Josh as a human being but you have done nothing to build this up. You haven’t laid any of the groundwork.’

And we were like, ‘That’s why we love it so much. It just comes out of nowhere. You just have to totally commit!’ And they were like, ‘We’ll do our best.’  And I just started to have that feeling in my stomach like, this is a real show killer. Like, when you put two beloved characters in an intimate relationship with each other and they don’t have chemistry, you end up making the characters look like fools and you can really piss off the audience. Then we saw the episode, and we said, we think this kind of works! But it could be a complete and utter disaster. And it wasn’t until it aired and the audience was like, ‘OK, we are OK with this, we are going to go down this road. We are now accepting Juliet into this sort of love dynamic that was previously only occupied by Jack, Sawyer and Kate.’

Source: E! (September 22, 2014)

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Believe in Me: The Cultural Odyssey of Juliet in Lost

She was every woman except herself.
Benjamin Linus idolised her because she was the very image of his dead mother. Jack found her attractive because she reminded him of his former wife. To Edmund Burke she was a means of making a name for himself. She found value in herself only to the extent that she served others: her sister, pregnant women, Mittelos Bioscience, the Others, young Benjamin Linus.

Her sole objective was to leave the Island. But to what end? On the Island or off, she could claim for herself only those identities that others had chosen for her. She was never herself because she had never claimed anything for herself, never given herself completely to anything.

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LOST | Quadrangle Mention

2. Will Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack (Matthew Fox) end up together?

The Sam and Diane of “Lost,” Kate and Jack have fallen in and out of love. When they had gotten off the Island, they lived together for a while and even flirted with the idea of marriage.

Along the way, there were complications. Kate hooked up with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Jack had a thing with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), but they always come back to each other. Will they get to live happily ever after as a couple? We hope so.

3. Will Sawyer and Juliet end up together in the alternate universe?

Juliet is dead on the Island. But the beauty of the parallel world is that things that went wrong on the Island seem to rectify themselves. Here’s hoping that Team Sawyer and Juliet is a wrong made right.

Source: detnews

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More Reviews about LOST 6×08

Those of us hoping for Sawyer’s coffee date with Juliet? Disappointed.

Source: Zap2it

Sawyer has fallen deeply in love with Juliet (and is now too consumed with grief to really be into the whole Freckles phenomenon)
And the scene they chose, of Charles Ingalls reassuring Laura about death, and saying you hold memories of your lost loved ones until you see them again, has me wondering if it’s going to foreshadow some kind of Sawyer sacrifice so he can get back with Juliet.

Source: nj

Sawyer meets Kate at the fire. He tells Kate his plan is to get Flocke and Widmore fighting and take the sub and her off the island.
(Sorry Skaters, that was not a romantic moment. Survival != Love. There is no chance for that couple any more.)

Source: Werdyo

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Latest from Ausiello | LOST Spoiler

Question: Since I got you some scoop, how about some Lost scoop in return? —Antonio

Ausiello: Thanks for keeping me plugged-in, Antonio. Here’s your Lost scoop: If you’re expecting the Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle to move front and center during these final 10 episodes, it may be time to start managing those expectations. “We’re moving into the endgame of the show [and] the stakes have moved beyond, ‘Who’s Kate going to pick?’ and into, ‘Is anyone going to be left alive?,’ says executive producer Damon Lindelof. “I hope [viewers are] going to be satisfied with what we’re doing, but we’re not writing a romance novel here. I understand in seasons past how that was much more relevant. We’re not neglecting it, but there’s a lot of fish to fry. The elements of the love triangle — Kate’s relationship with Jack, her relationship with Sawyer, Sawyer’s relationship with Juliet, who’s dead — are a huge part of the season. All that stuff is in play.”

Source: EW

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Josh Holloway about Juliet and James

Before landing Lost, Josh Holloway was a struggling actor who was thisclose to saying goodbye to Hollywood and hello to a career in real estate. Six years later, the 40-year-old Georgia native with the killer dimples is a bonafide TV star and fan favorite, thanks to his nuanced portrayal of Sawyer, the con man currently heartbroken over the death of almost-fiancée Juliet. Holloway recently sat down with PEOPLE in his trailer on the show’s Hawaii set to talk about what lies ahead for his character — No more Kate? A partnership with the island’s dark force? — as well as his post-Lost career plans and the joys of first-time fatherhood. Caution: spoilers ahead! –Shawna Malcom

How’s poor Sawyer holding up when we see him again in Tuesday’s episode?
He’s still racked with grief and full of guilt for allowing [Juliet’s death] to happen.

But Juliet’s the one who let go of Sawyer’s grip and detonated the bomb!
That doesn’t erase the shame and guilt of not being able to hold on. At the core, it’s a man’s responsibility to protect, no matter what. Going forward, Sawyer’s all anger. He hooks up with Locke because he just doesn’t care to live anymore. He’s already dead inside.

Are things officially over then between Sawyer and Kate?
Any feelings he allows for Kate are a betrayal to Juliet and their love. As the character, I don’t want anything to do with it. It’s shameful to him. Yet there’s an inevitable attraction. I want the writers to honor what Sawyer and Kate have built together, but I don’t know what that looks like.

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Latest from Kristin | LOST Spoilers

Sawyer Liked It So Much He Was Gonna Put a Ring On It: Now more than ever I’m hoping that Elizabeth Mitchell wasm right, and when Juliet returns we’ll see that she did meet up with Sawyer in the flash-sideways reality (time was split in two, you see) and they meet up for coffee and live happily ever after. It seems pretty clear that his feelings for her ran deep, and Kate is now well aware. Not exactly a recipe for romance any time soon.

Source: Kristen on E!Online. è_é

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