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Carlton about Juliet and Sawyer’s awakening scene

UPDATE (May 25): I added the video where Carlton talks about our fav couple.

video coming soon.

Source: youtube

The two executive producers also shared their favorite scenes from the finale. For Cuse it was a reunion so many fans were dying to see.

“I think for me my favorite moment is the Sawyer and Juliet awakening scene,” Cuse said. “I think that the emotion, that got me every time we were editing it. And you know, I love both those characters so much, and that kind of concluding scene was always very emotional. Even though we worked on it 50 times, it still always would kind of completely rip my heart open.”

Souce: ABC

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Cuarto Promo narrated by Terry O’Quinn: video cominc soon

“Says the wise man, life is a chessboard of nights and days.
Where God, using men as his pawns, plays.
Hither and thither moves, and checkmate, and slays.
And one by one, he places them back in the box.
For each pawn has its fate, as does each player, as does God.
Fate will be met.”

SKY 1 Promo: video cominc soon

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