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Lost | Watch With Kristin Spoilers About Juliet

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgmikejack0 asks: What about Elizabeth Mitchell? I’m so glad she’s back on TV. Loved her on ER.
Kristin_Veitch replies: She is not a plane crash survivor. She is a woman. She is romantically linked to someone we already know, and could be romantically linked to a second someone we know. And if I tell you more, someone you know will no longer be around to give you scoop on this here website.

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Damon Lindelof Mentioning Elizabeth

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (6).jpgRECURRING/REGULAR

JG: We have three new characters, according to the media. Will they be regular or recurring new characters?
DL: Elizabeth Mitchell is a regular, and both Rodrigo and Kiele are recurs. But, as with all our recurs, there is always the potential for regularity.
JG: Upgrading.
DL: Yes. You have to make room.
JG: By killing other–aww, you’re so cruel.
DL: There’s more than one way off the Island. It’s not just death.
JG: Sometimes you get a boat on the right heading, and you get lucky.
DL: Sometimes you kill a couple women, and you get rewarded for that.
JG: Life’s not fair. That’s the moral of your show.
DL: You can say that again.

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Carlton Cuse About “The Others”

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lostseason3posterelizabethmitchell.jpgIGN DVD: Now that the DVD for Season Two is coming out, how would you distinguish it from Season One?
Carlton Cuse: I think Season One was the initial condition of crashing on this island and these characters being in denial about their situation and having to terms of probably we’re not going to get off of here and when that raft blows up and Walt is taken, it’s like ‘okay, we’re stuck here’. Season Two was about the hatch and metaphorically going deeper inside the island. That was the focus of Season Two – what is that hatch, who put it there, who are these people and then when we blow it up at the end, we sort of told the story of the hatch. Season Three is going to focus on the Others – there are these other people on the island, who are they and what are they about, what is the construct of their society, and how do our characters interact with them. Each season is like a book, like the Harry Potter series. Each one has its own character and shape and I think that’s kind of the way the three seasons lay out. This season will be lighter, a little funner, and more romance and action/adventure. Last year was more mythology-oriented, and the first year was kind of a combination of mythology and action/adventure with no romance basically.

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