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TV Guide Interview: “Elizabeth Mitchell: Lost’s Juliet Kisses Jack and Tells!”

Part of “Old Info And News”

tv guide elizabeth mitchell naveen andrews (2).jpgElizabeth Mitchell: Lost’s Juliet Kisses Jack and Tells!

by Matt Webb Mitovich

It was a genuine, tender moment that all but made up for the somewhat silly “Stop the nerve gas!” antics that preceded it. Lost’s Juliet, haunted by Ben’s obsession, shared a rain-soaked lip-lock with Jack. Luckily for “Jacket” fans, more of the same seems to be on the horizon. Elizabeth Mitchell shares with us what’s ahead, names the episode she deems “perfect” and talks about returning to work after the strike. (Lost airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET on ABC.)

TVGuide.com: What was with that bait-and-switch you did for the TV Guide cover shoot? I saw you and Naveen [Andrews] and thought, “Oh, Sayid is going to pop up in Juliet’s flashback or flash-forward” and… no such thing.
Elizabeth Mitchell: You know, it was more wishful thinking, wasn’t it? I called it “a little fantasy episode.”

TVGuide.com: It was a hot photo shoot, though.
Mitchell: It really was! Naveen and I have known each other for a long time, so we’re comfortable together and we were able to play. It was very film noir-ish, and we both enjoyed that tremendously.

TVGuide.com: Let me pull out this quote you gave me a year and a half ago: “I don’t know what kind of past Juliet and Ben have, but it definitely is complicated and intricate.”
Mitchell: Yeah! [Laughs] I guess so!

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The TV Addiction: “Elizabeth Mitchell Spills LOST Secrets”

Part of “Old Info And News”

January 15, 2008

lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 2 (3).jpgElizabeth Mitchell Spills LOST Secrets
By: Amrie Cunningham

Who is excited for the 4th Season Premiere of Lost? That’s me, raising my hands and flailing about with glee. In my quest to complete Season 1 through 3 before January 31 (that’s a story for another day), my love for the show has been completely renewed. Also helping to get me pumped about the new Thursday night time slot? A remarkably sincere and charming woman by the name of Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST’s own Juliet) who recently spent a good chunk of her afternoon chatting with me about what to expect and why she loves her character! A big thank you to all of the readers who contributed questions!

Lost is one of my favorite shows. It’s been one of my favorite shows, so I’m excited to talk with you about it.
Oh, I love it too! I’m always really happy to talk about it.

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