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What can you tell us about the Lost finale?
As Michael Emerson so impressively put it: The Lost finale will make you eat your soul. Also, stuff blows up, Jacob walks among us and we cry like crazy.
The last episode of Lost killed my Skate shipper heart. This should be the moment when you comfort us by telling us everything will be OK. Right? Right?
You guys have got to stop living episode-to-episode (you’re going to give yourselves coronaries!) and start thinking long-term. Why? Because long-term, everything will be OK! Promise.

Source: E!

I can’t believe how insensitive these people on E! are. Disgusted.

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Lost Statue Unmasked!

By William Keck April 27, 2009 11:08 AM EST

Lost fans will see the last angle of the ancient, Goliath four-toed statue on the two-hour May 13 season finale. “You’ve seen its foot. You’ve seen its back,” says exec producer Damon Lindelof. Now at long last, the face will be revealed. Michael Emerson, who plays Benjamin Linus, hopped on the computer and did some research of his own after he realized that the same figure is represented on wall carvings in the island’s underground temple. “She’s Taweret, the goddess of childbirth,” concludes Michael, referencing the pregnant, hippo-headed Egyptian deity. “That dovetails in pretty well with our themes, wouldn’t you say?” says Michael, who also discovered that whom Taweret mates with, and when, is of great relevance.


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