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Emmy Awards: Who’ll Win and Who Should

The Emmy Awards’ winners will be annouced tonight at 8/7C on CBS, and I’ve just found an article about who should win and who they think will win. They mention “Lost” of course and Juliet and Sawyer. The episodes ABC submitted for consideration and to represent the show for Best Drama are “LaFleur” and “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” [more]

Good luck “LOST” and Michael Emerson!

Nominees: “Big Love,” “Breaking Bad,” “Damages,” “Dexter,” “House,” “Lost,” “Mad Men.”
Will win: “Mad Men.”
Should win: You don’t need to sell me on the charms of “Mad Men.” But “Lost” roared back this season with a storyline that brought the promise of loose ends being wrapped up soon and satisfyingly (and there was that achingly sweet romance between Sawyer and Juliet). I still don’t know what’s going on, but I feel like the journey is worth it again.[…]

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Elizabeth and Michael Emerson with The Honululu Symphony

On a more sophisticated note, “Lost” is climbing back into our consciousness. The Honolulu Symphony will tell “The Story of Babar” with a little help from Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell (good news that she’s still around following her perilous proximity to a massive bomb in the season finale). They will narrate behind conductor Andreas Delfs and music from Debussy, Poulenc and Tchaikovsky.

Shows are at 8 p.m. Saturday Oct. 3 and 4 p.m. Sunday Oct. 4 at Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. Call 792-2000 during weekday business hours, or visit www.honolulusymphony.com.

Source: StarBullettin

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Looking beyond the pages

[…]Next, Jensen and Snierson brought up Gregg Nations to the podium, who along with co-writing “Some Like It Hoth” also has the insanely cool privilege of being in charge of the Lost “Bible.” (Although they don’t officially call it a bible, Nations is in charge of keeping track of the continuity, mythology and ultra-detailed backgrounds of each character.)

Nations admitted Jack is one of the hardest characters to keep track of, continuity-wise. He also gave props to Michael Emerson (Ben) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) for looking beyond the pages of their character to search for their characters’ potential motivations during the show’s more mysterious moments[…]


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