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Fancast Interview with Elizabeth about LOST & V

It contains spoilers.

Elizabeth Mitchell Previews ‘V’s Future, Reflects on ‘Lost’ Loves

ABC’s ‘V‘ ramps up the drama, action and tension this Tuesday at 10/9c, as it kicks off the final two episodes of its freshman season. Can Erica and the resistance track down a gizmo that will expose the Visitors’ Achilles heel? Will venom be on the menu when Erica boards Anna’s ship for a get-to-know-you dinner? And how will the May 18 season-ender leave lizard jaws hanging? As the finales for both ‘V’ and ‘Lost‘ near, Elizabeth Mitchell previews what’s next for resistance fighter Erica as well as shares her take on the men in Juliet’s life.

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MMM…CAKE | What it was about

Do you remember this video I posted some days ago?

Elizabeth Mitchell



Jorge Garcia wrote about it on his blog.

Many of you commented about a video floating around where we’re saying “mmm…cake” and wondered what it was from.
Well after much digging on our and ABC’s part, we found it was a promo for an ABC affiliate in Wichita, Kansas KAKE. (Get it?)
I was going to link or embed it here but it has since been removed.

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Review about Elizabeth and Juliet

Evangeline Lilly isn’t the show’s strongest actor, but that’s no insult — few actors are as good or as charismatic as Terry O’Quinn or Michael Emerson or Elizabeth Mitchell. When it comes to Kate and my lack of interest in her, I fault “Lost’s” writing more than anything else. Maybe another actor could have made Kate’s story intrinsically interesting all the way from Season 1 to Season 6, but I somehow doubt it.

Source: feautureblog

A mention in a Recon’s review:

[…]present Sideways James Ford as every bit the slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing criminal as his Island iteration, but then revealed himself to be a… slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing cop. There was no Juliet in his life, and we were made to ponder if that made all the difference.[…]

Source: EW

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Michael Emerson about Elizabeth and Juliet

I’m going to name three of your ‘Lost’ cast mates. You tell me what you’ll remember most about working with each.

Let’s start with Terry O’Quinn (Locke).
Breathless moments of danger in small spaces.

Naveen Andrews (Sayid).

And Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet).
A great dinner companion.

Which scene was the most memorable to shoot?
They fall into different categories – the dramatic, the humorous, and the absurd. My favorite light-hearted scene is cooking dinner for Juliet; it was so much fun, so out of character and so absurdly domestic of Benjamin. And in my entire life as an actor I will never forget shooting the scene where John Locke is trying to hang himself, I talk him out of it, and then I strangle him. Unbelievable.

Source: FanCast

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