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‘Screenrant’ Praises Elizabeth For Her Career And Talent

We’ve just found this wonderful article from last April. They praise Elizabeth for her career and her talent. 😀 YES!

April 23, 2016

In 2004, a new TV series took the world by storm. Lost was like nothing we had ever seen, combining Gilligan’s Island with the best of The Twilight Zone, all within Damon Lindelof and J.J Abrams’ crazy mystery box. The show, which follows the survivors of a plane crash on island adventures, won the Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2005.

Fans of Lost, or “Losties” remember the show fondly over 10 years after it has ended. Even though there were some rough patches – we all would like to forget about Jack’s tattoos – the series as a whole was groundbreaking. Filled with complex characters, high stakes, and a death count unparalleled at the time, Lost kept us watching until the very end.

One of the greatest strengths of the six season long series was its diverse ensemble cast. The friendships made and enemies created were continually put to bat in the pressure cooker that was the Island. Through dozens of flashbacks, the audience grew to know these characters and, through intense online debating, the theories concerning their fates.

Though the fates of the characters have long-been decided, the fates of the actors that played them are uncertain. They have taken on other roles, some in movies and TV shows we love. As many unanswered questions as there were from that series finale, we have one in particular on our minds: The Cast of Lost. Where Are They Now?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge.jpgELIZABETH MITCHELL

What do you do when a love-triangle gets stale? Throw in another character to spice it up! On Lost, Juliet was that added spice, changing the dynamic between Jack, Sawyer, and Kate forever. Elizabeth Mitchell played the nurse with impressive ferocity, and was a standout in later seasons of the show.

Mitchell has had one of the greatest post-LOST careers of any members of the cast. Before the series, she appeared in films, most notably The Santa Clause alongside Tim Allen, but her recent career is mostly in television. She starred in the remake of the miniseries V, and when that was done, she appeared on the Abrams’ produced Revolution. Later, she had a recurring role as The Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time. She is making her return to film this year in the upcoming Purge: Election Year.

Source: Screenrant

This woman knows what she’s doing! <3

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E! Spoilers About Lost 4×06

Part of “Old Info And News”

lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 1 (2).jpgVeronika in Warsaw, Poland: Anything on episode six of Lost? I’m dying to know at least a little tidbit here and there.
The flashback features a look at Juliet’s history on the Island, including her reaction to the death of her lovah Goodwin at the hands of Ana-Lucia. I truly cannot wait to see Elizabeth Mitchell in action again.


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Lost | TV Guide Review: “There’s no question she earned a nomination”

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emmy-awardAs we get closer to the …

Question: As we get closer to the announcement of the Emmy nominations, I am encouraged by all the positive buzz surrounding Elizabeth Mitchell. Her performance as Juliet on Lost this year was breathtaking and spellbinding, right up there on my list of TV’s top performances this year, along with James Gandolfini, America Ferrera and Alec Baldwin. Mitchell really helped revitalize a show I must admit I was beginning to lose faith in. With all the good buzz, do you think she has a real chance at a nomination and, hopefully, a win? I can’t think of another supporting actress on TV who gave such an exceptional performance.
Answer: This sort of thing is hard to predict. Can she break out of a large ensemble at a time when so many large ensembles are vying for attention? That’s the real question, and the dilemma. There’s no question she earned a nomination, if not an Emmy outright. I just wonder if her name is recognizable enough to make the cut with the nimrods doing the initial balloting. As you may be aware, several of us here rethought our opinions after Lost‘s stunning season finale, and now we wish we’d put Matthew Fox’s name on our Dream Emmy Ballot as well. I am very curious to see if Lost rebounds this year in the Emmy sweepstakes. (If there’s any justice, there ought to be lots of empty slots where 24 once ruled.)


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Review: “Emmy-worthy Elizabeth Mitchell”

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emmy-awardWith that “surprise” ending behind us, moving on to Lost, with a powerhouse climax of its own. The bulk of the episode was spent in Sun’s head, with another magnificent performance by Yunjin Kim. She was obsessed with shame: the shame Jin felt over his parentage (we met his mom, a blackmailing prostitute); the shame Sun felt about her own corrupt father and how she was responsible for putting her husband deeper in his debt; and mostly, the shame she felt for having cheated on Jin, a worry compounded by her surprise pregnancy. Thanks to Juliet (more great work by Emmy-worthy Elizabeth Mitchell), Sun learned the island can increase even an infertile man’s sperm count by as much as five times, and the date of conception was calculated to having taken place on the island. That’s good news/bad news. The good: Jin is the father, no shame necessary. The bad: Women who conceive on the island never survive to the third trimester. Juliet’s and Sun’s looks of joy during the ultrasound scene were a marvel to behold, which only added to the impact when Juliet filed her secret and sinister report to Ben, promising to get samples from the other female castaways. As she signed off with an “I hate you,” I couldn’t have loved this enigmatic character more. But can Juliet save Sun, or will she lose her 10th patient?

An excellent question to ponder, along with the bombshell dropped by the mysterious multi-lingual parachutist, who told Hurley in the episode’s final moments that, to the outside world, Oceanic Flight 815 was considered lost with everyone aboard dead. “They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

Time to rev up those “Lost as purgatory”/No Exit theories. Next week: the return of Locke. Yay!

Source: TV Guide

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Lost | TV Guide Review: Elizabeth Mitchell has shone this season

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emmy-awardQuestion: I know it’s a little early for Emmy talk, but I was so horrified by Lost‘s snub last year that I can’t stop thinking about it. What do you think Lost‘s chances are at this year’s Emmys? I think Elizabeth Mitchell, Henry Ian Cusick and Michael Emerson all have a good chance, as well as the show in the drama category. Also, I heard last year’s snub was due to the producers’ submitting episodes poorer in quality, such as “Man of Science, Man of Faith,” to the nomination panel. I hope the Emmy voters correct last year’s grievous wrongdoing and nominate Lost this year. What do you think?
Answer: I think I admire your faith in the show and in Emmy voters. Frankly, I’d be shocked if the Emmys reverse course to show much if any love toward a show whose reputation took several hits this year: in the ratings and in media coverage over that ill-conceived opening “pod” of episodes. I agree that Elizabeth Mitchell in particular has shone this season, but given the richness and variety of TV drama these days, I can’t help but think Lost‘s breakthrough freshman season (when it won best drama) is going to be its sole trip to the big party. I’d love to be wrong, but I think (speaking in island terms) that ship may have sailed for good.


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Lost 3×07 | Kristin’s Review & Scoop

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgLost Redux: Scoop on the Latest Ep—and Five Q’s with Big, Bad Ben

OMG, right? Was that not the best ep so far this season? I loved it all, but especially Alex with her slingshot and her thang for Karl, Juliet having the bad fortune to get exactly what she wished for, and Jack wielding his surgeon mojo like the dangerous weapon that it is!

I also just met up with big baddie Ben (Michael Emerson), who gave me lots of juicy teases. But first we must discuss last night’s episode!

What We Learned…
Read more…

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Lost 3×07 | US Magazine Review

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January 31

After a three-month break, the captivating drama returns with a breathless episode
4 stars

The spooky island drama is back – and in a new (post-American Idol) time slot. Captive surgeon Jack (Matthew Fox) grapples with saving devious Others leader Ben (Michael Emerson), while Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) attempt to make it back to their island. Keeping a tense eye on all the developments? The inscrutable Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), whose past is revealed (she was a brilliant but trouble medical researcher in Miami). Mark this as a classic instalment. With its riveting whir of whizzing bullets, mordant wit and heartwrenching performances, Lost now surprises The Sopranos as TV’s most visceral and expertly crafted drama. But be warned: Viewers longing for the return of some favorite characters (and, yes major answers) will have to be a bit more patient. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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