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Interesting theory on Juliet’s connection to the Island

I read Juliet1979Elizabeth‘s theory on spoilertv forum and I agree with what she wrote. She thinks that the pregnancy’s problems are connected to Juliet and she explains how. We know that the statue is Taweret and it has been confirmed by ABC. This is her theory:

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Let A Thousand LeFleurs Bloom

Is there any right-thinking “Lost” watcher alive who isn’t totally in love (romantic, platonic, “bromance,” whatever) with the new-and-improved circa 1977 Sawyer, aka James Ford, aka Jim LaFleur?

The reveal that Sawyer and Juliet have found peace, and a measure of domestic bliss, in the pre-purge Dharma Initiative annoyed and delighted me in equal measure. Annoyed because “Lost” has always been hopelessly retrograde about gender relations: if a man and woman exchange more than four lines of dialogue, surely one if not both of them will fall in love. And the female characters, with the luminous exception of Sun, are mere props driving male action, with no agency of their own. (Remember when Kate actually had useful skills and an attitude, for perhaps half a season, before they turned her into Tropical Island Barbie?) Delighted because in this case, it actually made organic sense: Sawyer, from the beginning, had an odd respect for Juliet. He never nicknamed her, and she was the only person who could calm and redirect him, like some kind of Redneck Whisperer. And the retreat of the Nobel-caliber Juliet into car mechanic/happy housewife was a natural outgrowth of her character’s history. Held captive by Ben, who swore he respected her scientific and medical knowledge, Juliet watched woman after woman die in childbirth, clutching her hand, pleading eyes meeting hers. Many people find Elizabeth Mitchell’s acting wooden; I don’t. Juliet is numb and beaten to the core, and Ms. Mitchell personifies both that hollowness and the brilliance, charisma, and caring that still, somehow, burn inside that shattered lamp. Little wonder that Juliet finds comfort in domestic chores and small pleasures, in fixing machines, predictable machines that never weep or beg, and in living with a man who values her wisdom, not just her knowledge. A man who holds her broken self in place like a cast holds a broken limb.
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LOST: TV GUIDE interviews Elizabeth Mitchell

Will Lost’s Juliet Find Herself Betrayed by Sawyer?
When last we tuned into ABC’s Lost, (at least some) fans were pleasantly surprised to see Juliet and Sawyer find a groovy kind of love there in the 1970s. But can their romance stand the test of “time” — especially now that Kate is back in the mix? Elizabeth Mitchell shared a look at the twists ahead.

TVGuide.com: We’re sneaking this Q&A in just before the producers lower a “cone of silence” onto the cast members, at least until you have filmed the season finale. Pretty crazy, huh?
Elizabeth Mitchell: Yeah, pretty much! Once again, it’s one of those highly secret, highly crazy, “You think it’s one thing but it’s another thing” kind of endings. There are still about six pages missing [from the finale script] that only the people involved in it have.

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LOST Initiative – episodes 13 & 14 – LaFleur 5×08

Two episodes of the LOST INITIATIVE are about LaFleur.
They talk about Juliet & Sawyer and the 4 Toed Statue. It could be Tauret… in that case it could be something about Juliet. The same theory is in the last episode of GETTING LOST).

LOST INITIATIVE LaFleur – Episode 13

LOST INITIATIVE LaFleur Midweek Edition – Episode 14

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Juliet or Kate?

juliet lafleur lost hq (8).JPGSydney in Hollister, Calif.: Kristin! I need some serious solace! As an avid Skater I’ve been at a loss for what to think this season. Jack and Kate? Sawyer and Juliet? Please tell me that all will be right in the world again when Sawyer is reunited with his true love, Freckles!
Hoping this will help: In this week’s Lost podcast, Josh Holloway talks about his messy love quadrangle on the Island. After conning his way into New Otherton Josh says, “He’s actually found a life that is more fulfilling than any of his past adult life, so it’s become his reality. The con has become the reality that is a better reality than reality.” Were any of you following that? Does this mean Sawyer and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) are going to stay together in Dharmaville? Josh adds, “When he jumped out of the helicopter, that was his ultimate sacrifice to love.” Loving which one? Hit the comments with your vote: Kate or Juliet.

Source: E!Kristen

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