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‘Lost’: Circling The Square | Review

This is more about Kate, but he mentions Juliet several times, so…

Well, yesterday’s entry certainly inspired a spirited response from all corners of “Lost” fandom. Having absorbed them all, I promptly changed my address, donned a clever disguise, and returned to the keyboard to continue Kate Austen Week here on the blog. I thought I’d inspired ire when I dissed “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” last spring, but that was a series of sensuous kisses compared with the ire hurled in my general cyber vicinity this time around.

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Mark Goldman about Juliet and Sawyer

There’s an interview with Mark Goldman (Lost’s editor and “LaFleur”director) on the latest LOST magazine.

He directed LaFleur which was his first directing job on Lost. -LaFleur ended up being of one the most pivotal episodes for Sawyer’s character as his stay in ’70’s finally brought out the honorable leader and a man that was hiding in him all along. It introduced relationship between Sawyer and Juliet which on paper seemed implausible, but once acted out in the episode, it charmed everyone. -Goldman compared Suliet to Tracy/Hepburn. – For the dock scene, Goldman told Josh and Liz to have fun doing that scene. They did have some fun and it allowed them to find some chemistry that didn’t have to manifest yet. – When it came to show that their friendship bloomed into real love, Goldman said it clicked to everyone that this pair was right for one another. He talked to actors how it’s a relationship about equals. They are both very smart and sassy. During those three years they learned to respect each other, even though they are two people from completely different backgrounds. When they were shooting in the house, they all agreed that relationship is mature and it was the first time Sawyer had that kind of experience. – Goldman said that with Kate it was all about passion, but with Juliet they wanted to shot the scenes illustrating their reaction to mean something more. Goldman said that he thinks Carlton wanted for the kiss to be more passionate, but Goldman felt like that it’s not their first date and it’s not Kate and Sawyer. He wanted to be passionate and loving in relaxed way and both Josh and EM agreed to it. Elizabeth floored Goldman with the way she played ‘the flower scene’ (she was reserved, but so charming and loving). They are so good, because when it comes to the finale it’s really tragic because you are really rooting for those two. – The rest of it is Goldman’s experience as director and how he enjoyed working with the actors.

Thanks ninkagv22 for the transcription and Stef for the headup!

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Comic Con | TV Guide Interview

Josh was most excited to hear the news that Elizabeth Mitchell would be back in some way.
“Juliet coming back is exciting,” he says. But if Juliet returns only as a corpse, Josh says it would have a horrible effect on Sawyer. “It would destroy him. It would bring him right back to where he started. I love that idea of ripping off all his growth and getting back to Sawyer, the salty dog. But I imagine then he’ll have to get back to wanting to live again.”.
Elizabeth Mitchell has been under a gag order not to speak ever since Lost’s season finale aired in May. But she finally broke her silence with me. “What happened at the very end of the season is they told me that the character of Juliet had reached a natural conclusion,” says Liz. “It was very sudden, but I said ‘Okay,’ thinking that was the end of it. People knew I was available and I got a bunch of scripts. I fell in love with V and said I would do it. It was really crazy because I wasn’t planning on jumping back into another series. And then Lost’s La Fleur episode aired and the fan response was really good, so then Lost called again, and that’s what I can’t talk about. It’s possible Juliet’s just dead, but I think it’s going to be a little bit more than that. I hope that when she comes back she can give Sawyer a really good reason for going on. What I really want is to have a big old fight with Ben, but that will probably never happen. But we will definitely see her again. They haven’t really told me how many episodes I’ll be doing but ABC said they’d work it out. They did when I was shooting the V pilot. I literally did four days of V, four days of Lost, four days of V.”

Source: TV GUIDE

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Interview with Jack Bender

Jack Bender didn’t talk about Juliet, but he said something interesting in the last video. He said that the dialog from the Marina’s scene (we see in 5×04, 5×05, 5×11) is written differently for a specific reason. I think that is not the only th dialog written differently: also the one from This place is dead and LaFleur.

This place is dead:

Juliet: James, stop!James, stop!
Sawyer: Come on, help me.
Juliet: James, we can’t help him.


Juliet: James, don’t!
Sawyer: Come on, help me!
Juliet: James, stop! We can’t help him.

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