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Ranking Lost | Review

78. “The Other Woman” (Season 4)

Juliet as the titular other woman doesn’t do much to move the needle in terms of overall Island mythos, but the episode gives Elizabeth Mitchell yet another opportunity to show us why she is one of the cast’s best actors. While Locke, Sawyer and Hurley camp out in New Otherton, we flashback to Juliet’s long days as an Other.
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The Top Ten ‘Lost’ Episodes | Review

The series comes to a close in ‘The End’
The most emotional episode in series history. While “The End” didn’t deliver the answers many were hoping for, it delivered the resolutions that the show needed

Time finally stops spinning for the Lostaways in ‘LaFleur’
The strongest episode of Season 5, “LaFleur” is a perfect mix of time travel, character work, and the unexpected addition of one of the show’s most surprising romances.

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Best Lost Episodes of all the Time | Review

The Best Lost Episodes Ever

As the island drama powers down, we picked our favorite hours — what are yours?

“Not in Portland” (Season 3, Episode 7)

Juliet is a crafty Other, to be sure, but this episode tells us the story of how she ended up on the island, after a career in fertility research with her ex-husband (guest star Zeljko Ivanek) in Miami. It’s a sympathetic portrait, as we learn that she is as much a victim of Ben’s deceptions as anyone else. (Richard Alpert told her that she was applying for a job at a facility in Portland, Ore., hence the title of the episode.) On the island, Juliet’s loyalty to Ben is tested when she assists Jack in removing Ben’s spinal tumor. It’s revealed that Ben has agreed to let Juliet leave the island, after three years, if he survives the surgery.

“LaFleur”Photobucket(Season 5, Episode 8 )

There have been plenty of episodes that demonstrate why Sawyer is such a shifty opportunist, and also why he needs to atone for his past actions. But it’s “LaFleur” that shows the con man assuming one more pseudonym to become a good man when he assumes a prominent position of power within the 1970s-era Dharma Initiative. It’s also in this episode that we learn that James and Juliet have, in the absence of the Oceanic 6, made a love connection as pure and as beautiful as those hand-picked flowers he brings her. Just as things couldn’t appear more perfect, the members of the Oceanic 6 arrive on Ajira Flight 316, ready to wreck homes.

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Great Mention to Elizabeth

“The Incident” for finally showing us the bigger picture: the conflict between Jacob and the Man in Black. The scenes where Jacob visits the castaways in their pre-island lives are fantastic, especially the one with John Locke. (Jacob’s non-plussed look after Locke falls from the window is an added bonus.) Elizabeth Mitchell’s performance as the ill-fated Juliet is excellent, as is the the scene in which Bernard and Rose decide to just leave everything to work itself out. “It’s always something with you people.” (Honorable mention: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” and “La Fleur,” based on the performances of Terry O’Quinn and Josh Holloway, respectively.)

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Suliet & Josh and Liz’s Photoshoot Campaign


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Photobucket“LaFleur” gave us some of Suliet’s best scenes; by the time they’ve kissed in the kitchen, we had already melted about 108 times. But then we found out that the lovely scene had actually been cut. Elizabeth Mitchell and Mark Goldman talked about it, and it sounds like a MUST see:

“I don’t think we realized we were really onto something until the scene in the kitchen [where Sawyer brings Juliet a flower]. And what you didn’t see on camera—we shot it but it didn’t air—was that he picked me up and carried me over to the sink and just started kissing me. We finished that and we both looked at each other. On-camera, the chemistry was there, and off-camera, it was us again.” [Elizabeth Mitchell, EW. ]

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LOST: Bests & Worsts | Review

We all know the last part is not true at all. They killed her off, that’s why she took the job on V. Liz said several times that she would have never left LOST.

My 10 favorite episodes

6. “LaFleur”
5×08 / Directed by Mark Goldman / Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Kyle Pennington
Amid all the death and time-hopping of Season 5 was this gem that shows how Sawyer became Jim LaFleur, head of security for the DHARMA Initiative. The romance between Sawyer and Juliet finally blooms, and a scene in which Juliet successfully delivers a baby on the island — a first for her — is immensely satisfying, an emotional victory amid a stretch of episodes that included Ben’s betrayal and murder of John Locke off the island. This episode also showed chinks in Richard Alpert’s armor, as Jacob’s right-hand man seemed honestly baffled by Sawyer’s knowledge of the island in their 1974 conversation.

5 characters who deserved better

Juliet. An audience favorite, Juliet was killed off in the Season 6 premiere, and we barely feel the ramifications of it. “LA X” suggested Jack and Sawyer would become true enemies because of Juliet, and this never came to pass. Juliet’s death hasn’t paid off narratively yet, and right now it feels as if she died simply because Elizabeth Mitchell was offered the lead on “V,” which is probably headed to the land of cancellation.

Source: Daily Herald

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LOST Season 6 Premiere: Just 2 Weeks

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke


Just two weeks left for LOST Season 6 premiere. I don’t know if we get some answers (good ones I hope) on February 2 or  if we have to wait till the end of the show. In that case I hope there’ll be some clues that can make us think there will be good news about Juliet in the end.  In the meanwhile just take a look at this music video. I watched it yesterday and it’s very sad (like the whole Juliet’s story) but great!

Juliet Burke - Broken

Music Video

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