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Happy Lost Anniversary!

lost anniversary elizabeth mitchell juliet burkeHi losties! 9 years ago the first episode of the best tv series ever came on air. We miss this show so much and we miss Juliet deeply. Liz created the most compelling character of the tv history and we feel honoured to have got the chance to have her and LOST in our life.

So Happy LOST Anniversary!

This is just something Liz said lately about LOST:

I’m so grateful to have LOST as part of my life. It was huge. I’d just had a son and I met all those amazing people and I was part of something that was so loved and well-respected and people were so excited by. I love books and it’s almost like I got to be in a classic, I got to be in one of those books that you reread and you reread and you reread, and I genuinely feel that way about LOST. So to me, I knew it at the time, I never took it for granted. I’m so grateful for that.

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Tubay Awards – Vote for Liz as Favorite Actress from 2003-2012

tubay awards elizabeth mitchellTubay Awards time! Vote for Elizabeth (Favorite Actress From 2003-12) , Juliet & Sawyer (Best Relationship -Romantic or Otherwise- From 2003-12) and V (Most Painful Series Cancellation From 2003-12) here. Even if there should be more polls with Juliet or Erica included, there are other categories with LOST if you want to vote for it too.

The poll doesn’t work with firefox (at least for me). You need to use another browser like IE. Have a great Sunday, everyone! 🙂

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