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See Magazine’s Interview with Elizabeth about Juliet

This is a great interview about her, Juliet, Suliet and Josh Holloway! Read it all! It’s just a bit spoilering, but no really if you know who is coming back. 🙂 She’s absolutely adorable. And oh I’ve loved Juliet since the first moment I saw her on screen and I agree with Elizabeth I don’t get how people couldn’t see she wasn’t bad.

Lost But Not Forgotten
Elizabeth Mitchell shares her thoughts on Lost, V, and kissing Josh Holloway

Lo, behold the power of pop culture.

Picture me, sitting on my couch in my living room in Edmonton chatting on the phone with a complete stranger (no, it doesn’t matter what either of us is wearing — fill that in for yourselves).  My phone mate is sitting on her couch, in her living room on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and we’re chatting about our mutual friend, Juliet.

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Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell from V and Lost

It mights contain spoilers, I haven’t finished to read it yet.

Elizabeth Mitchell is one of those actresses that has a way of drawing you in. On Lost, Juliet became such a beloved character that I would venture to say was probably just as popular as the Oceanic 6. She now plays Erica Evans on V, where she doubles as an FBI Agent and a leader of the 5th Column (the resistance movement against the Vs). Whatever the role she takes on, Elizabeth Mitchell is just brilliant. I recently had the chance to speak with her and we talked about the upcoming Erica/Anna showdown, the similarities and differences between Erica and Juliet and her favorite moments from filming Lost. (We even chatted a little bit about our golden retrievers!) And while she could share next to nothing about the way Lost ends, we talked about her time there and if she was happy with the way her story ended.

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Fancast Interview with Elizabeth about LOST & V

It contains spoilers.

Elizabeth Mitchell Previews ‘V’s Future, Reflects on ‘Lost’ Loves

ABC’s ‘V‘ ramps up the drama, action and tension this Tuesday at 10/9c, as it kicks off the final two episodes of its freshman season. Can Erica and the resistance track down a gizmo that will expose the Visitors’ Achilles heel? Will venom be on the menu when Erica boards Anna’s ship for a get-to-know-you dinner? And how will the May 18 season-ender leave lizard jaws hanging? As the finales for both ‘V’ and ‘Lost‘ near, Elizabeth Mitchell previews what’s next for resistance fighter Erica as well as shares her take on the men in Juliet’s life.

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Suliet & Josh and Liz’s Photoshoot Campaign


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Photobucket“LaFleur” gave us some of Suliet’s best scenes; by the time they’ve kissed in the kitchen, we had already melted about 108 times. But then we found out that the lovely scene had actually been cut. Elizabeth Mitchell and Mark Goldman talked about it, and it sounds like a MUST see:

“I don’t think we realized we were really onto something until the scene in the kitchen [where Sawyer brings Juliet a flower]. And what you didn’t see on camera—we shot it but it didn’t air—was that he picked me up and carried me over to the sink and just started kissing me. We finished that and we both looked at each other. On-camera, the chemistry was there, and off-camera, it was us again.” [Elizabeth Mitchell, EW. ]

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