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Josh Holloway about Elizabeth

You had one of last season’s most powerful scenes, when Sawyer failed to save Juliet (played by Elizabeth Mitchell).

That was tough. As an actor, you hope to get scenes like that, but you also dread it. How am I going to pull that off? It’s a film set. You have 120 people talking and joking, I’m on a pulley system, a guy’s holding on to my pants and a guy’s down in the camera wisecracking. It’s very distracting. It takes a lot to make it all go away. But when you have an actress like Elizabeth Mitchell looking in your eyes, it’s like, okay, BAM, and everything else goes away. It was heartwrenching but fulfilling.

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Eric Lange (Radzinsky) about Elizabeth

AI: Was it a really serious show or did the actors have fun?

EL: Everyone definitely brought their A game, but we had fun too. One day we were all in the tent and it was me and Josh [Holloway] and Elizabeth [Mitchell] and Ken [Leung]. Josh is playing his guitar and we all had our iPhones out. So I downloaded drums, Ken downloaded a trumpet, Elizabeth downloaded a tambourine and we had this little band thing going.

AI: We’ve talked about the men on Lost, what about the women?

EL: […]Both (Evangeline Lilly) she and Elizabeth Mitchell were great to work with, total professionals. […]

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Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Evangeline Lilly - Josh Holloway - Juliet Burke

The Top Ten ‘Lost’ Episodes | Review

The series comes to a close in ‘The End’
The most emotional episode in series history. While “The End” didn’t deliver the answers many were hoping for, it delivered the resolutions that the show needed

Time finally stops spinning for the Lostaways in ‘LaFleur’
The strongest episode of Season 5, “LaFleur” is a perfect mix of time travel, character work, and the unexpected addition of one of the show’s most surprising romances.

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