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Interview | Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She’s Coming Back to Lost

Hey guys, this interview contains spoilers but it’s the best thing I have ever read in … I don’t know how lomg. Anyway, if you’re sad and depressed about what happened, read it!!! Post a comment and your theory here, if you feel in the mood. 🙂


Elizabeth Mitchell Promises She’s Coming Back to Lost—Perhaps for Kissing and Coffee With Sawyer?

Whoever invented Elizabeth Mitchell should get a medal, because they did a good, good thing. We just caught up with the adorable Ms. Mitchell for a quick debrief on Juliet’s demise last night on Lost, and we learned why that agonizing death scene is not the last we’ll see of the good Dr. Burke after all.

Read on for our interview, where Elizabeth confirms your fan theories about what Juliet knew at the end and why, plus how she and Josh Holloway fell for each other as friends offscreen while their characters were in love onscreen, and whom she thinks Sawyer should be with in the end…

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6 Geeked-Out TV Shows We Can’t Wait For

Normally, we’d be sad to see summer go—but with new fall TV just around the corner, we can’t get too upset. Our favorites—including Fringe, Dollhouse, Lost and Heroes—are coming back with all-new episodes, and two new series with real sci-fi promise are making their big debut. Here are the six shows that will have us couch-surfing this fall.

V – Season Premiere: November 3, 8 pm, ABC

In this much-buzzed-about remake of a 1983 miniseries, aliens, who call themselves the Visitors—Vs for short—come to Earth seeking water and a mineral they need before they can begin their long journey back home. In exchange for humanity’s help, the aliens will share their advanced technologies. But as some embrace the Vs, others doubt the creatures, who might not be as new to planet Earth as they’ve lead people to believe. What their ultimate endgame is, is anyone’s guess, but the pilot episode of this show is enough to have us tuning in when it airs in November.

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