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Monte Carlo TV Festival | Your Highness Elizabeth

elizabethmitchellmontecarloEmily Phillips.jpgYour Highness Elizabeth

Line ’em up.

First up in our interview line though, was Lost’s very own big man, Jorge García. Now unemployed following the close of the show, he told us he only did the pilot in the first place as a free vacation in Hawaii!

Then it was on the the bevvy of stars over to promote V. The sci-fi show may be proving a bit of a slow-burn, but with the announcement of a second series, the cast were very keen to note how it just keeps getting better and better.

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MMM…CAKE | What it was about

Do you remember this video I posted some days ago?

Elizabeth Mitchell



Jorge Garcia wrote about it on his blog.

Many of you commented about a video floating around where we’re saying “mmm…cake” and wondered what it was from.
Well after much digging on our and ABC’s part, we found it was a promo for an ABC affiliate in Wichita, Kansas KAKE. (Get it?)
I was going to link or embed it here but it has since been removed.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Jorge Garcia - Lost - Michael Emerson - Video