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For JJ Abrams’ Consideration – Demimonde Casting

We’ve just read about a new sci-fi series by J.J. Abrams which seems really promising, so we decided to ask him to consider Liz for it.

Our message:

For JJ Abrams’ consideration – Demimonde casting
If you need a badass actress who is able to give life to a complex, multi-layered, strong and messy character in the most mesmerizing way, you know who you need to cast: Elizabeth Mitchell


This is just a small description by TVLine we found about the show:

Written and possibly directed by the Felicity/Lost/Fringe vet himself, the project — titled Demimonde — is being billed as a big-budget sci-fi family drama about a world’s battle against a monstrous, oppressive force. Demimonde is noteworthy because it would mark the first series created and written solely by Abrams in a decade (since Fringe).

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[Video] Interview with Elizabeth and Revolution Reviews

UPDATE: Review added.

The final scene with Rachel being called out by Brad on what she was really making was interesting. There was one weird beat, in that the scene called for Rachel to have that big moment of regret/grief as she killed Brad, in the midst of being hardcore, showing Monroe how far she’d go to stay essential. It was just kind of funny to see her turn on a dime from nearly sobbing, “I’m sorry” to her stone-faced, “Now you need me.” But overall, that was pretty badass, Rachel – and Elizabeth Mitchell certainly put her all into selling all of this in such a short amount of time.

Source: IGN – I added more reviews here.

Interview with Elizabeth on Revolution set:

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell on REVOLUTION set


Interview: “It keeps getting more and more interesting,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, “What can you tease? oh yeah, more people will die, how’s that?” Most people know Mitchell from Lost— the show Revolution creator J.J. Abrams is most well known for.She told us, “He draws really intricate characters in extraordinary situations and I can’t think of anything better than that.”Elizabeth Mitchell says she visits Charlotte often because her acupuncturist lives here. Source: WCNC

Review: As a long-time Elizabeth Mitchell fan, I have to praise the Revolution creators in choosing her for this role. I doubt another actress could switch between emotions as quickly and smoothly as Mitchell does in the moments before Rachel kills her friend. Mitchell’s performance in this episode is just stunning and Rachel has become one of the most compelling characters on the show.  Buddy TV

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REVOLUTION 1×02: Photo of Elizabeth with Tim Guinee and the kids

UPDATE 6: (Sept 15) the_door confirmed that all the photos are from July.
UPDATE 5: (Sept 8):
I’ve just added a small article by EW that might contain spoilers about Rachel.
UPDATE 4 (Sept 8):
Another update 😛 @the_door posted a new picture from the set. You can see just Liz’s arm in it with the kids… LOL! Stacy Ownbey, Morgan Hinkleman’s mother, posted a photo from EW’s issue.

 REVOLUTION SET: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morgan Hinkleman (Young Charlie) and Cameron Morrison (Young Danny) REVOLUTION ew scan: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morgan Hinkleman (Young Charlie) and Cameron Morrison (Young Danny)

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REVOLUTION: Promotional Photos, Spoilers, Comic Con and Artworks

UPDATE (July 13): I’ve just updated the gallery with some photos of the promotional stuff they have at Comic Con.

At the end of this post you can see the giant poster they’ll have on the side of the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego.

Since we don’t have any promotional photo of Elizabeth at the moment because she’s just joined the show, I made something myself.
So these are not official promo shoots, but they are made by me.


(The photos of Elizabeth I used are from V & Lost Photoshoot)

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking for new information about REVOLUTION since we got the news Elizabeth will be a regular in it. Not that I wasn’t interested before, I mean it’s JJ, I would have watched it anyway.

I read this article by Deadline (from May 23). It’s about the departure of Andrea Roth and who’s the other character who won’t be a regular anymore. (Click on “read more” to read it)

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REVOLUTION: TV Line’s First Impression

Hey I’ve just read the article by Mitovich with his first impression of REVOLUTION pilot. There are also two interesting comments about Elizabeth’s role:

[…]Mitchell recently was tapped to replace Andrea Roth as Ben’s ill-fated wife (who in the pilot appears in flashback)[…]

[…] But of course the big question is how Lost fave Mitchell might amp things up in Mama Matheson’s to-be-reshot scenes — especially since, I hear, a key moment from the pilot is also being re-edited.[…]

What do you think? Might Rachel be alive?

Read also the first post about REVOLUTION for other reviews & info.


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Elizabeth Mitchell joins Revolution – JJ Abrams new show

elizabeth mitchell in revolution

UPDATE 4: (July 6): We added a PAGE with REVOLUTION videos. For now there’s no scene with Elizabeth obviously, so all the videos won’t be added in the media archive, but we thought they are worth the watching to know what the series is about and its style.

REVOLUTION is one of the highly anticipated shows of the season. At the end of this page we added other reviews from people who watched the pilot already (Hollywood Report included), so you can read some further details.


UPDATE 2/3 (July 2): The production of the series starts on July 16. REVOLUTION page has been updated and I also added some nice Elizabeth mentions at the end of this post.

UPDATE: I did some digging. So here some info:

Elizabeth joins J.J. Abrams’ new show REVOLUTION as series regular. She’ll play Rachel Matheson, the mother of the two leads, Charlie and Danny Matheson, and appear in the series in flashbacks (it looks like the character is dead in present day – watch sneak peek 3 below -). The pilot was filmed in Georgia, but they’ll shoot the series in Wilmington, NC. It is produced by Warner Bros and will premiere Monday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on NBC but there’ll be a world premiere screening of the pilot at Comic-Con on Wednesday, July 11, or during the Revolution panel on Saturday, July 14.

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TVLine’s 2012 Wish List

Liz and Jen again… in a new J.J. series would be awesome! Pleeeeeeeeease, make this happen!

Michael Slezak’s Wish:

That J.J. Abrams creates a new series for three of his all-time greatest leading ladies: Felicity’s Keri Russell, Alias’ Jennifer Garner, and Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell. We don’t care if it’s a family drama, an action vehicle, or a single-camera sitcom, but Abrams needs to use his holiday break to pen a pilot for these women — and then let the bidding war commence.

Source: TV Line – Thank you Fran for the head-up!

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Mania Interview with Elizabeth about Lost and V

After Elizabeth Mitchell left the TV series Lost, a week later she received the script for V, which is returning January 4 for its second season.

“I was really excited (V has) a female protagonist and a female antagonist,” explained Mitchell, who reprises her role as FBI Agent Erica Evans, opposite Morena Baccarin (Serenity), who reprises her role as the villainous Anna.

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