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Good Morning America – Transcription of the video

Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America – Transcription of the video

GMA: You’re looking at Elizabeth Mitchell, in a scene from “v,” the sci-fi story about human fighting aliens. She plays an F.B.I agent, Erica Evan, risking her life to get to fight the invaders.

Was that pretty good?

EM: Really good, you made it sound so really good. I liked that. That was very good.

GMA: “V” is for visitors, right?

EM: “V,” is for visitors. Or victory. Depending on what show…yes, but absolutely.

GMA: So you’ve been on “v,” and “LOST”. I would love to see your e-mail list.

EM: My e-mail list is pretty good. I have a password on my phone because I’m afraid it will get stolen. I have assumed names for everybody. It’s good.

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LOST: Review About What They Did To Juliet

Next, I also was shocked and horrified at the sacrifice that Juliet made in the name of love on “Lost.” From the moment we first saw that hydrogen bomb, we knew someone was going to die.Again the television spoilers hinted at a major character’s death and it felt like each of the actors had drawn straws and it was Elizabeth Mitchell’s bad luck to get the short stick. For surely anyone could have been the one who fell “down the rabbit hole” and had to push that blasted button to save the universe (and timeline) as we know it.

I find myself pained at the loss of Juliet because she was such an excellent counter-balance to the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle, and she was a ruthless and precision killer in a pinch.

Those astounding qualities raised the danger quotient on “Lost” and her seemingly ambivalent loyalties were mesmerizing to watch. For a character I loathed initially, I was won over and now grieve for the lost possibilities (no pun intended).

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Matthew Fox – Digital Spy’s interview

In DEADRAY magazine’s interview Darlton said:

Dr: Who else besides the two of you know the ending?
CC: The writers who work for us on the show know a great deal about it,but they don’t know everything.
DL: Matthew Fox knows things that are relevant to Matthew Fox, and he isn’t realy interested in stuff that isn’t relevant to him. He want’s to know what’s going to happen to Jack.”

So I think that what Matthew Fox knows is just something regarding his character and nothing more than that. He also said that he’s pretty sure what it is gonna be the last image of the show, but he would be interesting to see if it is that. So Damond didn’t confirm that either.

I also think that he’s not confirming that Juliet is dead, coz’ they are not talking using the future tense but the conditional. I don’t know if he knows something regarding it, but he smiles at that question.

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The Incident recap by Erika

Here just the things Erika said about Juliet:


On the submarine, Kate informed Sawyer and Juliet of Jack’s plan to nuke the Island. However, Sawyer held firm to his decision to continue on to the “real world”… until Juliet assaulted one of the sub’s crewmen and arranged for the trio’s escape. And escape they did, right to the beach where Bernard, Rose and Vincent had been enjoying “retirement” for the past three years.

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Complaint about they did to Juliet

I think this complaint on CinemaSpy is pretty interesting reading .
Juliet’s death is stupid and useless. That’s why I can’t believe she is really dead. Well actually we didn’t see her dead, so if they want to kill her, they’ll still have to do it. Oh yeah for the 3rd time. How nice would it be?! I refuse to believe that two genius like Lindelof and Cuse can be so mean and disrespectful to a character like Juliet and Elizabeth Mitchell (she didn’t even get a centric episode).
If she is dead or if they’re going to kill her in season 6 premiere, (after 9 months of waiting) they didn’t just kill her, they ruined her life first, they made Phil punching her in the face when she was tied up and couldn’t defend herself. And just because of a scene like that, she should have gotten the immunity. They made her say that she’s happy that James made her change her mind about leaving the Island in 1974, they made him say “whatever happens, I got your back” and then what? Sawyer didn’t! He hurted her feelings instead!
When they saw Phil going to the Swan station, Sawyer asked her what she wanted to do.
Juliet replied: “Live together, die alone”, the motto of the series. And then what? She chose to “live together” and that chain drove her into that hole to die alone? It doesn’t make any sense and it ruins the meaning of the show.
Without mentioning how torturing Juliet’s life has been before season 5. A character like her deserves much better, she deserves an happy ending.

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Interesting theory on Juliet’s connection to the Island

I read Juliet1979Elizabeth‘s theory on spoilertv forum and I agree with what she wrote. She thinks that the pregnancy’s problems are connected to Juliet and she explains how. We know that the statue is Taweret and it has been confirmed by ABC. This is her theory:

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